Jack Ely, Kingsmen Singer Dies: ‘Louie, Louie’ hitmaker dead at 71

Jack Ely, Kingsmen frontman responsible for the popular 1960’s hit “Louie, Louie” has died at the age of 71. Jack Ely passed away after suffering a long illness at his Oregon farm.

1960’s ‘Louie,Louie’ singer dies

Sean Ely, Jack Ely‘s so confirmed the singer’s death releasing a statement reading, ,”Because of his religious beliefs, we’re not even sure what (the illness) was,” he said.¬†Best known as the frontman of the Kingsmen ban Jack Ely gave a new twist to the song “Louie, Louie,” that gave the band a smash hit, one that is to date still played and sang by drunken party goers.

FBI investigates lyrics to ‘Louie,Louie’

The band reveals that they got together in a Portland recording studio after paying $36 to record what was the bands signature hit. Richard Berry wrote the song in the mid 1950s, and one of the mis-understood songs of all times.Jack Ely made the song one of the hardest to understand the lyrics to with his incoherent singing which he credits to is braces.

Due to the nature of the song Jack Ely’s version of the song was humorously investigated by the FBI to see if the song was contained any obscene lyrics. Jack’s son Sean revealed that this was one of his father’s fondest memories of the hit song,getting “quite the kick” out of the FBI’s extensive 453-report on the investigation.

Soon after recording Louie,Louie, Jack Ely had a disagreement with the Kingsmen band members that ended in Jack Ely leaving the band. Several months after recording the Kingsmen hit.

After leaving the Kingsmen, Jack Ely lived on his Oregon horse farm until the time of his death.Sean Ely stated that as far as his father’s music career stands Jack Ely was more than content with providing The Kingsmen with one of the biggest one hit wonders ever recorded.

One more time in honor of Jack Ely, hit the video below and enjoy.

Jack Ely is survived by his son Sean. Thank you for “Louie, Louie,” rest in peace Mr. Ely.

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