Guns N’ Roses accused of plagiarizing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ (Videos included)

Guns N’ Roses has been accused of plagiarizing one of the bands biggest hits ever “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. GnR is under fire for allegedly stealing the song’s likeness from an Australian soft rock band Australian Crawl who, recorded and released a song titled “Unpublished Critics” in 1981.

Guns N’ Roses accused of stealing “Sweet Child”

Guns N’ Roses hard rocking hit “Sweet Child” was released in 1987, but oddly enough upon listening it is questionable as to whether or not GNR took the likeness of the Aussie song and turned it into their hard rocking smash hit.┬áThe Aussie tune does eerily resemble, down to the guitar licks. Thing is Axl Rose, Slash and Izzy Stradlin however have previously revealed that they have a detailed story about how they wrote ‘Sweet Child.’

Gn’R’s “Sweet Child O’ Mine” someone elses?

James Reyne, a member of Australian Crawl has publicly acknowledged just how close the guitar riffs and melodies are.
Reyne however claims that they (the band) are okay with Guns N’ Roses version of their song.┬áThis could mean one of two things, one that the Aussie band is not to keen on going up against Guns N’ Roses, questioning their accusations, and tat they may not have the funds to fight out an expensive and extensive “Blurred Lines” type copyright case.

OR… and this is likely they do not want to attempt to take on Axl Rose, and Slash on this matter. However first blood has been drawn, and if Axl Rose history repeats Rose will likely not let this slander type diss go unanswered.

Do you buy Australian Crawl’s accusation that Guns N’ Ross may have plagiarized their song? Check out both versions of the song and sound off in the comments. Who does it better, Australian Crawl, or Guns N’ Roses, or is this purely coincidental?

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