‘Girl Meets World’: Mr. Turner Returns To Teach an Important Lesson

'Girl Meets World': Mr. Turner is back.
'Girl Meets World': Mr. Turner is back.
‘Girl Meets World’: Mr. Turner is back. (Twitter)

Girl Meets World” fans got another awesome reunion this week as Cory and Topanga’s former teacher, Mr. Johnathan Turner, returned to teach an important lesson.

‘Girl Meets World’: Mr. Turner is Back

It all started when Riley and Maya’s English teacher retired. A new, young, hip teacher was hired and she definitely shook up her students. The teacher, who asked the students to call her by her first name, Harper, had an edgy look and rode to school on her motorcycle wearing a leather jacket. Sound familiar “Boy Meets World” fans?

When Harper gives the class a comic book to read for homework, the principal gets angry. After denying his wishes to quit teaching the comic book lesson and start reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee the principal fires Harper and Cory, who stands up for the new teacher.

However, Topanga reminds Cory that the Superintendent of schools would have sign off on the termination and they believe they’ve won their case as the Superintendent is none other that Mr. Turner himself, who reveals that he married the nurse he met while in the hospital after his infamous “Boy Meets World” motorcycle crash.

Harper is the Cool New Teacher

Mr. Turner than helps get the point across that just because Harper is new or different doesn’t mean she’s not an exception teacher who believes in what she’s teaching and in the students she’s teaching it to.

The class is moved by Harper’s teaching methods and is grateful when she’s allowed to stay.

Later, Maya learns that Mr. Turner helped raise Shawn Hunter. Turner tells Maya that he loved Shawn like a son and still does to this day.

We’re loving all these “Boy Meets World” reunions on “Girl Meets World” and are looking forward to more to come!

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