Gilbert Arenas freaks out, destroys ex-girlfriend’s Mercedes over Netflix account


Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas suffered the mother of all freak outs on Tuesday after he lost all control and used a cinder block to smash up his ex girlfriend and babies mama’s Mercedes.

Gilbert Arenas seeks revenge on ex-girlfriend over Netflix account

¬†Gilbert Arenas reveals he has a very good reason for seeking revenge on his ex for a couple of different things. First of all he and ex-girlfriend Laura Govon have a long and volatile history together.The former couple share four children together which has brought on many heated disagreements between former “Basketball Wives “star and Arenas over custodial and financial battles over the years.

Arenas destroys Mercedes over password loss

Gilbert Arenas revealed that this revenge seeking mission has been building since 2014 when Laura had thrown his computer in his pool and smashed 34 windows at his Calabasas home. Gilbert says, “I don’t remember my #Netflix password it was auto saved, you piece of sh*t. u take a person #Netflix away,nothing else matters.”

Arenas added, “here’s my comment: I like Netflix.” Needless to say you may want to think long and hard before you mess with your significant other’s Netflix viewing abilities.What do you think about Gilbert Arenas’ loss of control over his Netflix account, is this just the tip of a bigger iceberg?

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