‘Full House’ Spin-Off Headed to Netflix: ‘Fuller House’ To Feature Original Cast

Full House spin-off 'Fuller House' Coming to Netflix.
Full House spin-off 'Fuller House' Coming to Netflix.
Full House spin-off ‘Fuller House’ Coming to Netflix. (Wikimedia)

Full House” is coming back! A spin-off sequel series is heading to Netflix and will feature original cast members. It looks like the official order hasn’t been handed down yet, but the deal is nearly done to revive the wildly popular 90’s family sitcom featuring the wholesome Tanner family.

‘Full House’ Spin-Off ‘Fuller House’ Headed to Netflix

According to TV Line, Netflix is very close to ordering a 13-episode “Full House” spin-off, which will star Candace Cameron-Bure, who played DJ Tanner on the series. The show will also feature Andrea Barber as DJ’s best friend Kimmy Gibler.

It seems that the show may following DJ and as a wife and a mother (possibly married to Steve?) and perhaps Kimmy will still be her neighbor. Of course the show wouldn’t be the same without the other members of the Tanner family, such as Danny, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, Joey, and DJ’s sisters Stephanie and Michelle making regular appearances on the series.

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The show which is said to be called “Fuller House” is likely the dream come true for Candace Cameron-Bure and Andrea Barber, who not only played best friends on “Full House,” but are also real-life besties and probably looking forward to working together again.

Meanwhile, Hollywood seems to be reviving many old favorite television shows for younger generations. Recently it was announced that a “Coach” spin-off has been ordered by NBC and will star Craig T. Nelson as lovable football coach Hayden Fox, and Disney has hit the jackpot with the “Boy Meets World” sequel series “Girl Meets World,” which shows fan favorites Cory and Topanga raising their daughter Riley as she comes of age.

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