‘Flowers In The Attic: If There Be Thorns’ Goes Dark in Third Installment

Flowers In The Attic: If There Be Thorns.
Flowers In The Attic: If There Be Thorns.
Flowers In The Attic: If There Be Thorns. (Joseph Viles)

Lifetime’s “Flowers In The Attic” series aired “If There Be Thorns,” the third installment of the series on Sunday and fans were surprised by how dark the V.C. Andrews adaptation was.

‘Flowers In The Attic: ‘If There Be Thorns’ Film Goes Darker Than Ever

The movie picked several years after the previous “Petals On The Wind,” and showed brother and sister Christopher and Cathy Dollenganger living together as a married couple who are raising Cathy’s two sons, Jory and Bart, together. Cathy teaches ballet at her own dance school and Chris is working as a doctor just like he always wanted.

Jory dances ballet as well just like his mother and late father Julian. However, Bart, who is the son of Bart Winslow, Cathy’s mother’s second husband, is an outcast. He feels like he doesn’t belong, but when a suspicious older women moves in next door to the Dollanganger clan Bart is drawn to her, and she makes him feel special.

As Bart starts spending more time with the women he realizes that she is his grandmother, Corrine, who tells the 12-year-old that his parents are actually both her children and have been living a life of sin. However, Corrine is determined to get her family back. Unfortunately, her servant, John Amos, has different plans.

John gives Bart his great-grandfather Malcolm Foxworth’s journal which details his deep religious beliefs that women lead men to a life of sin. Bart begins to identify himself as Malcolm and even tries to kill his new little adopted sister by drowning her in the pool.

Christopher and Cathy worried their huge secret will be found out when it’s revealed that Corrine has been living next door, and that Jory’s grandmother also knows they’re brother and sister.

More V.C. Andrews Adaptations Coming?

Meanwhile, John Amos has his own agenda and imprisons Cathy and Corrine in a barn, lighting it on fire. Bart fights back, which leads to Corrine killing John Amos as Christopher rushes in. Corrine insists Cathy be saved first, and by time he rescues her there is no going back in to the barn as it burns to the ground, Corrine’s screams echoing through the area.

In the end, Bart and Jory both find out their parents dark and disturbing secret and the family that looks so perfect on the outside is imploding from within.

The movie was dark, and Mason Cook’s portrayal of Bart left viewers totally creeped out. How will this insane saga end? You can either watch the next movie, or pick up the V.C. Andrews books and be sucked in to the Dollangangers world.

Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Lifetime will develop more V.C. Andrews novels into movies such as the “Heaven” series or the “Ruby” books. Only time will tell.

The final installment of the “Flowers In The Attic” series “Seeds of Yesterday” will air on Sunday.

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