TV Shows That Should Get a Reboot!

Best episodes of Friends.

It all started when “Boy Meets World” landed a sequel series “Girl Meets World” on Disney and then it was revealed that “Full House” is getting a spin-off as well. “Fuller House” will debut on Netflix in 2016, along with a lot of other TV reboots, spin-offs, and sequel series. (See the full list here!)

TV Shows We Want To See Get Reboots

Now that some old favorites are coming back, we only want more. Below are the TV shows we’d love to see get reboots, reunions, and spin-offs!

  • Dawson’s Creek: Okay, so we know that Jen died but we’d love to see what Dawson, Pacey, and Joey are up to now, and if they’re all living on the creek with kids going through the same problems they once faced.
  • Are You Afraid Of The Dark?: The former Nickelodeon show where kids tell scary stories around a campfire was always a fan favorite of 90’s kids, and could be huge if rebooted.
  • Party of Five: The Salinger Family could always get to us, and we’d love to see a few of them back as parents to their own children.
  • Friends: Everyone wants this, but it looks like it will never happen. Come on, we’re dying to know what the gang has been up to, and what they’re kids are doing now.
  • My So-Called Life: This is a cult favorite that was cancelled after only one season. We never got answers, but a reboot about a teen facing modern day challenges while growing up in a world they don’t understand is always good TV.
  • The Wonder Years: We would absolutely love to see Kevin Arnold as a father or grandfather as his children and/or grandchildren come of age in whatever decade the show wants to tackle. We’d love to see Kevin as a father to his own children in the 90’s!
  • Little House On The Prairie: It was one of the most heart-felt shows on television, and we all know TV could use a little more love and little less sex and violence.
  • The Twilight Zone: So, it’s been done, we know, but it wasn’t done well. We want an all out scarier than crap updated version of the classic series!
  • Saved By The Bell: Imagine a teen TV series that takes place primarily in a modern day high school. There’s a lot of material to work with, and SBTB always taught us a lesson and delivered a positive message at the end of the day.

Which former TV shows would you love to see get a spin-off, sequel series, or reboot? Tweet us @OMGNewsDaily.

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