‘Entourage’ star Jerry Ferrara reveals 40 pound weight loss

Jerry Ferrara best known as Turtle, sidekick to Vinny Chase in the “Entourage movie has revealed he has lost 40 pounds in ten months.

Entourage’s Turtle hot enough to give Vinny Chase a run for his money

Not only has Jerry Ferrara lost a ton of weight he has also toned up. Jerry claims he did not lose the weight for the movie, or the fans, but for himself.

Ferrara reveals that during season six of the HBO hot “Entourage” he had to take a physical. He reveals he passed the test but was shocked by his weight. The 5 foot 7 inch tall actor claims he was weighing in at 200 pounds. So to get a his on his health Jerry Ferrara reveals he found a diet and work out plan that best suited him and stuck it out.

Jerry Ferrara reveals it was get healthy and fit, or face the consequences

Jerry’s doctors warned the actor that his weight could pose a potential danger to the then, 30-year-old if he did not get it under control. “It might have been a scare tactic,” he continued. “But it was simply put, and I listened.”

“What happened then was a whole lifestyle change,” he revealed. “I devoted myself to working out, quit smoking, committed to an annual physical.” Jerry has added basketball, boxes and weight trains weekly, while always giving himself one day to do absolutely nothing while he recovers.

Though Jerry Ferrara looks fantastic, he reveals he still has a long way to go to meet his goals.Congratulations Jerry, keep up the good work. To follow Jerry Ferrara’s weight loss journey be sure to check out his Instagram page. “Entourage The Movie” is in theaters now.

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