‘Dexter’ Returning To Showtime If Michael C. Hall Agrees?

Dexter returning to TV if Michael C. Hall agrees?

“Dexter” fans are reeling after rumors that the show about the lovable serial killer could be making a return to Showtime. While the rumor has really taken off over the past few days there’s no confirmation that the series will return any time soon, or at all.

‘Dexter’ Returning To TV?

According to Star Pulse, “Dexter” was beloved by many fans and ended too soon according to loyal viewers. In fact, the series finale of the dark series is arguably one of the worst TV finales of recent history where Dexter’s sister Deb dies and Dexter fakes his death only to live a life of solitude and despair. So, is it already time for a Dexter Morgan comeback?

Back in August, Screen Crush reported that Showtime exec David Nevins would consider bringing the series back to life, but only if star Michael C. Hall were to return, of course.

Dexter is the one show that I would think about [continuing]. It’s a question of when the timing is right. If there’s a willingness to do it, I would certainly listen. Certainly I’d look at Dexter,” he said. He’s also previously revealed that he would love to see Dexter Morgan back in action with a new spin but he’d only consider doing it if Michael C. Hall was on board and feeling good about the project.

Dexter series finale.
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What Would ‘Dexter’ Be Like Now?

What would “Dexter” even look like now? Would he decide to come out of hiding and go back to Miami and to the police force, or would that create too many questions about his faked death and bring back harsh memories of his late sister Debra?

Could Dexter find his son and girlfriend Hannah McKay and live happily under an assumed name with them where he would pick up killing off people who have done wrong following his father Harry’s code? It would be interesting to see what the next step in Dexter’s life would/could be, but is the show better off dead and buried?

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