‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is Paul Norita a DiMera?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Is Paul Norita a DiMera?
Days of Our Lives spoilers: Is Paul Norita a DiMera?
Days of Our Lives spoilers: Is Paul Norita a DiMera? (NBC)

Days of Our Lives” fans love a lot of drama and a good story line, that’s probably why they love reading spoilers, and come up with a few theories of their own. Some “Days” fans may have either hit the nail on the head, or gone way off base with suggesting that professional baseball player, and new guy in town, Paul Norita, could actually be a DiMera, and Stefano’s son, any why not. Stefano seems to have a lot of kids we don’t know about. They just seem to keep popping up.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Could Paul be Stefano’s Son?

One Facebook fan group discussed the possibility of Paul, who has been causing trouble in Will and Sonny’s marriage as of late, being a DiMera. “Anything is possible in Salem. Especially around Stefano,” one viewer stated. “That would be interesting,” another wrote. “I would love for Paul to be a DiMera,” another sounded off.

However, not all fans are impressed with the amount of DiMera blood in Salem over the past decades. “There’s enough DiMeras,” said one fan.

What we know about Paul Norita

Here is what we know about “Days of Our Lives” newest member. Paul Norita is a famous professional baseball player who used to be in a secret relationship with Sonny Kiriakis. Paul is gay, but in the closet, which is one of the reasons he and Sonny split. Paul puts on a show by “dating” lots of women such as models and actresses.

Paul hurt his shoulder during the baseball season and came to Salem to have Dr. Daniel Jonas perform a surgery on him. However, he believes his pitching days are over. Will Horton, who is married to Sonny Kiriakis was hired to do a magazine article about Paul. Will found out Paul was gay and is trying to convince him to come out of the closet and be a role model for gay youth. Paul and Will felt some sparks between them and ended up sleeping together.

Paul agreed to come out in the magazine article, but later changed his mind. He is afraid his stern Japanese mother will be crushed if she learns her son is gay and goes public with the information to the world. Paul’s mother has been cast and will be heading to “Days of Our Lives” very soon.

What’s One More DiMera?

Could Paul’s mother have someone met Stefano DiMera along the way and conceived the baseball player? Like the fans said, anything is possible in Salem, USA. One thing is certain with EJ gone and Stefano abroad there is only one DiMera in town, Chad, and he’s not being challenged by a brother. So, if Mr. Norita turned out to be a member of the infamous family there could be some interesting conflict there. Remember we didn’t know EJ was a DiMera until long after he was in town romancing Sami Brady and Lexi lived most of her life not knowing Stefano was her father.

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