Chris Noth: ‘Sex in the City’ star walks with the aid of a cane


Chris Noth also known around the world as  the “Sex in the City” star’s notorious Mr. Big has been recently spotted strolling the city streets with the aid of a cane.

Sex in the City heartthrob Chris Noth walks NYC with cane

Chris Noth was photographed Wednesday at NYC’s East Village, looking distinguished, but a walking with a noticeable limp and with the aid of a cane. Hopefully the limp is a temporary aggravation for Noth who will be very busy on his latest television venture The Good Wife.”

The Good Wife Season 6 promises a bigger storyline for Noth

Recent television news reports “The Good Wife” Season 6 spoilers revealing that Peter’s (Chris Noth) character will be having a major storyline this season, one that will be revisiting some of the issues presented this past season. Hopefull according to reports the upcoming storyline will soon clear up the state of Alicia Florrick’s marriage.

Could Carrie Bradshaw dig a guy with a limp? How about you Chris Noth fans do you prefer him as Mr.Big, or Peter on “The Good Wife?

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