Channing Tatum shocks fans, pulls off hilarious ‘Magic Mike’ prank

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Channing Tatum is a fun guy. The 35-year old actor recently pulled off a hilarious Magic Mike prank on a group of unsuspecting fans.¬†Channing Tatum went out in full makeup as an older man. Disguised as a balding, bearded marketing executive Channing Tatum went undercover to play a joke on a group of happy fans who were invited to a special 3D of the upcoming “Magic Mike XXL.”

Channing Tatum pranks “Magic Mike” fans

Unrecognizable, Tatum began asking fans what parts of “Magic Mike XXL” they wanted to see in 3D, and the answers were not at all bashful or censored.¬†“The part where there’s pelvic thrusting,” one woman said. “Hopefully some full-frontal nudity,” another guy answered. After the mock interviews Tatum Channing brought out a group of male dancers to give the audience lap dances.

Channing Tatum makes one lucky woman’s day by giving her a lap dance

Still believed to be an old marketing exec Tatum Channing decided he would join in on the stripper dance while in disguise.

One lady on hand at the event got a lap dance from the disguise Channing Tatum before ripping off his glasses and fake facial hair to reveal his true identity.

How awesome to get that once in a lifetime lap dance from Channing Tatum. It is for sure that Channing left these ladies wanting more s soon as they were on to the gag.

“Well Channing Tatum has twerked on my lap, so in that sense, I have pretty much reached peak life,” said the lap dance recipient. We agree 100 percent with that lucky lady who quickly became the envy of everyone there, and us, who are just reading about it.

Okay, now that we are all over not being there for this Channing Tatum prank there is still one way to get close to the “Magic Mike XXL” star. Fans can also earn a chance to win tickets to the “Magic Mike XXL” premiere, walk the red carpet with Tatum and maybe even get a chance to have Channing dance for you.

Here is all you have to do ladies! Just donate to the Rund Foundation, which supports medical and research clinics for Amazonian plant medicine, via the Omaze campaign to enter to win. Check out Channing Tatum’s prank here.

Game on and good luck ladies!

If this contest doesn’t pan out for you then you will just have to join the ranks of all the other wishful thinkers and head to theaters to see “Magic Mike XXL” when it opens in theaters on July 1. Not quite as satisfying as the real deal, but we are sure their will be millions of fans willing to settle Are you planning to see “Magic Mike XXL” in theaters this summer?

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