Bruce Jenner sex change surgery scheduled for late May

Bruce Jenner has reportedly scheduled his sex change operation for late May or early June to complete the last step of his transformation into a woman. Pals close to Bruce Jenner have revealed that Bruce is ready for the big day and that it will be “intensive surgery.” It is said that Bruce Jenner will undergo the final procedure which will find the reality television actor and Olympian in the operating table between six and eight hours.

Bruce Jenner just weeks away from completing his transition

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ortega spoke with Radar Online about the procedure Bruce will undergo, but has never treated Bruce Jenner.“The testicles are history but the rest is preserved to create the neo-vagina,” Dr. Ortega explained. “The tissue is never removed from the body, with the exception of incorporating skin grafts if there’s isn’t enough material.”

Bruce Jenner to discuss sex change impact on his family

Just weeks before Bruce Jenner is set to take his final steps into becoming a woman, he will sit down for a huge interview with Diane Sawyer to openly discuss all the details surrounding his decision to become a woman, including the impact that it had on his family members. The ABC two-hour special will air on Friday, April 24, at 9 p.m. ET, as a special edition of 20/20. It is speculated that Jenner will discuss how and why he hid his true feeling about wanting to live as a woman for many years.

As previously reported, Bruce Jenner has already undergone several procedures in preparation of his transformation that have included shaving his Adam’s Apple, a nose job, breast implants and hormone therapy.What do you think about Bruce Jenner’s decision to become a woman at age 65, do you believe his body can with stand the grueling surgery at his age?

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