Bruce Jenner reported to reveal transitioning changes on E!

Bruce Jenner talk is heating up, reports are revealing that Bruce Jenner is going to talk publicly about his alleged transitioning journey that he has been embarking upon for over the past year.

Bruce Jenner reveal coming to E!

Kim Kardashian may have said too much about Bruce’s “journey” earlier this week after she revealed that Bruce is on a journey and that he will talk about it when he feels the time is right. Kim also stated that she and the entire family were supporting Bruce “no matter what.”

Did Kim Kardashian give away too much info about Bruce Jenner?

Now according to TMZ reports a source close to the family has come forward and revealed that Bruce has been making plans for a while now to come forward publicly to address his changes, especially since he feels the support of his family members.The time is approaching according to the source. Bruce and his changing looks have been a hot topic for several months since he began growing his hair long,wearing nail polish, and female clothes that include spanx, and sports bras.

What we do know is that over a year ago Jenner did have his Adam’s apple shaved down, but despite doctors claiming that this procedure is usually the first step in a transgender reassignment, Bruce denied all claims.The E! exclusive interview is said to be going to have Bruce address all questions, including how how the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family has handle Bruce’s journey.

Bruce is feeling comfortable now since most of his family have shown such great support for the former Olympic Gold Medal winner, all except ex-wife Kris Jenner. The family friend claims Kris is having a hard time accepting the new Bruce Jenner and is in denial.The E! big Bruce Jenner reveal interview air date is not known at this time.

Stay tuned Hollywood News Daily will be covering all the latest breaking news on Bruce Jenner and his upcoming reveal interview special as the details emerge. Now we have to ask, do you believe Bruce Jenner is finally going to go public, or do you think that the Kardashian/Jenner family has found a way to capitalize on the Bruce Jenner media interest?

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