Bruce Jenner puts new sex change docuseries on hold

Bruce Jenner suit: Bruce Being Sued for Car Crash.

Bruce Jenner has decided to place a hold on his new upcoming docuseries revealing his journey from a man to a woman for the time being.

Bruce Jenner feels pressured

The Bruce Jenner docuseries was slated to begin airing in May, but is now on hold per the request of Jenner. Jenner claims that there is too much going on in his life at this time, and he wants to know 100 percent that his family, especially his three sons are “all in a good place” before this all goes completely public.

Jenner concerned over family well being

Reports reveal that Bruce will undergo his gender re-assignment surgery later this summer, but the pressure he is feeling from the show’s producers to air in May is too much on top of the legal and emotional issues he is currently dealing with over the deadly car crash that Jenner was involved with last February that left one woman dead on at the scene.

Accident investigation reports reportedly reveal that the woman died as a result of Bruce Jenner’s inattentiveness while operating a vehicle.¬†Jenner, however will go ahead as scheduled with his very personal in depth reveal interview with Diane Sawyer.The release date for this interview is slated to air sometime after the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” season finale. Season 10 of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” begins airing on Sunday, March 15. on E!.

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