Bobbi Kristina update: Family to end life support on Whitney’s death anniversary

Bobbi Kristina Brown will never be the same after brain trauma.
Bobbi Kristina Brown will never be the same after brain trauma.
Bobbi Kristina Brown will never be the same after brain trauma. (Twitter)

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition remains unchanging. The 21-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been clinging to life for over a week, but reports reveal that the family will reportedly remove Bobbi Kristina from life support on Wednesday, Feb. 11. which is the three-year- anniversary of her mother Whitney Houston’s death.

Brown/Houston family to remove Bobbi Kristina’s life support

Sources close to the Houston/Brown family have reportedly revealed to TMZ that Bobbi Kristina‘s father Bobby Brown has made the tough decision after finally coming to terms with the doctors diagnosis revealing that there is no hope for his daughter’s recovery.┬áThe past week has been one of the hardest for the family members and the stress has taken it’s toll causing family arguments and disagreements concerning Bobbi Kristina’s condition.

Bobbi Kristina’s family come to terms on tragic event

The family has allegedly come to terms and agreement that Bobbi Kristina’s life support should be pulled tomorrow, Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy, and Bobby have agreed that the three-year anniversary date would be the most memorial and significant to “bond mother and daughter for eternity.”┬áThis news has NOT been officially confirmed, but has been suspected all along by heartbroken family members and fans. It is a very emotional and heartbreaking time for Bobbi Kristina’s family and friends.

But sadly, taking Bobbi Kristina off of life support will not bring closure to the family just yet during this tragedy. As previously reported, a full criminal investigation has been launched after suspicious injuries were found on the young woman’s body after being rushed to the hospital.

Police detectives at this time are looking more into boyfriend Nick Gordon‘s story and history with Bobbi Kristina. It appears that it could be a long while before Bobbi Kristina’s family and friends get the whole story behind this tragedy.

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