Bizzare celebrity beliefs, see who believes what, and who’s belief is the wildest

Photo Credit: Flickr
Photo Credit: Flickr

Celebrities, for the most part, are just like everyday people, they hurt, fall, love and believe in some of the craziest things. Check out the list below to see if your favorite celebrity has a strange and crazy belief.

Some of the top listed celebrity beliefs include Kylie Jenner. The 17-year-old “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reality star recently revealed on Twitter that she’s a believer in the chemtrails conspiracy theory. Those who believe in chemtrails think that the white residue left behind by airplanes are chemicals ordered by the government for undisclosed reasons.

Next we have our celebrities who believe they have had contact with aliens in one form or another. These celebrity beliefs include, Blink-182 founder Tom Delonge believes he had an encounter with an alien while filming near Area 51.

“Nanny” star Fran Drescher reportedly thinks she and her ex-husband were abducted by aliens and implanted with electronic tracking chips. She has spoken about matching scars the two have, noting the marks are from their alien encounters. Russel Crowe claimed via Twitter to have recorded UFOs flying over Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

Celebs that believe they have ghostly encounters. Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin. The reality star has a ghostly admirer. Literally. Celebrity psychic Kim Russo told FOX411 Ice-T’s wife came to her when she was being haunted by a ghost. “[Coco] had a ghost that was physically into her.

Kesha reveals she has sex with ghosts. Pete Doherty claims the west wing of his home is haunted. He reveals the area, which used to be the servants quarters of the house, will become lively as if ghosts are having a “mad party.”

Random bizarre beliefs include, Angelina Jolie and ex-Billy Bob Thorton revealed thy wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks because they felt it strengthened their bond.

Guns N’ Roses rocker Axl Rose won’t play concerts in cities that begin with the letter M because he thinks it is a cursed letter.Lady Gaga states that she tries to refrain from having sex because she believes her partners will try and take “my creativity from me through my vagina.”

Megan Fox has said she believes in everything from leprechauns to Bigfoot to the Loch Ness Monster. Michelle Pfeiffer recently revealed that she was in a cult when she first began her Hollywood career. For a time, she believed that humans could exist on sunlight alone.

David Bowie believes in witches. Bowie lived in crippling fear that he was being stalked by witches who wanted to steal his sperm.

And last but not least Kanye West, who just believes he is well, God. “I am a god,” West sings on his new album. “I wrote ‘I Am a God’… Cause it’s like, ‘Yo! Nobody can tell me where I can and can’t go’,” he told W Magazine. “Man, I’m the number living and breathing rock star. I am Axl Rose; I am Jim Morrison; I am Jimi Hendrix.”

There you have it. Which celebrity belief do you find the most bizzare?

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