‘Bates Motel’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: Norman Kills Again?

Bates Motel Season 3 recap.
Bates Motel Season 3 recap.
Bates Motel Season 3 recap. (A&E)

Bates Motel” Season 3 premiere on Monday night, and the opening scene seems to sum up the entire series. Norman is in bed with his mother, who is sleeping beside him. He rolls over and puts his arm around Norma, and then big brother Dylan walks in on them a bit taken aback, and abruptly leaves. Dylan questions the weirdness of the situation, but Norma brushes it off as nothing.

As Dylan walks out the door to head to the cabin, Norma gets a phone call saying her mother died, and that her estate is trying to be settle. Norma tells the lawyer she’s not interested in having any part of her mother’s estate and hangs up on him.

Meanwhile, Norman is heading off for his first day of school of his senior year, and is not happy about it. He tells his mom, Norma, that he’d rather stay home. Norma encourages him to have a great year, and he tells her that her mother died, and that she’s not upset because she hasn’t spoken to her in 20 years.

Norma drops her son off at school where Miss Watson, the teacher Norman killed last year, will obviously not be. “I don’t want to go,” he tells Norma. When he refuses to get out of the car, she physically pulls him out as his classmates look on surprised. When Norman enters there is a photo of Miss Watson in the trophy case, which of course brings back painful memories for him.

At lunch Norman texts Emma as he sits alone. While he begins to eat he see Miss Watson sit down next to him as his visions are back in full force. Norman rushes out of the cafeteria to escape her. He ran all the way home to the motel to tell his mother what happened.

After Norma settles her boy down, a new guest comes to stay at Bates Motel, and Norman seems to have eyes for the pretty young lady.  Later, the new guest comes to the Bates house to complain that her light is out in her room. Norma is away, so Norman offers to help and change the bulb. The two talk about their parents and bond over their personal experiences.

Later that night, Norman is back in bed with Norma and she tells him that he doesn’t have to go back to school as long as he is home schooled and gets his high school diploma. Norma also reveals that she wants to make Norman motel manager, and he’s thrilled. When Norma asks Norman to leave her bed he gets upset and leaves the room.

Emma finally shows up and Norman tells her that he’s leaving school and has been promoted to motel manager. Emma then tells him that she got bad news at the doctor and that her lung capacity has diminished greatly. Norman convinces Emma to home school with him, and then later tells her he wants to date her. Emma is thrilled and a new couple is born. The next day the two embark on their home schooling and dating journey together.

That night Norman spies on the pretty motel guests as she gets into the shower. Norma catches him is furious and tells him it’s not normal. He apologizes and goes to his room. Later, Norman hears his mother crying in bed and he goes to comfort her. She tells him she’s crying because her mother is dead and Norma asks Norman back into her bed and he accepts.

All the while, Sheriff Romero and the DEA are busy burning down White Pine Bay’s biggest money maker — marijuana fields. This is not good news for Dylan who is in the weed business. Later, Dylan meets Romero for lunch and it seems that he’s been helping the sheriff with the city’s drug problem. Dylan tells Romero that he only wants him only little pot farm where he’ll make enough to survive, and that’s it, having only 99 plants with a legal permit. Romero warns Dylan that if he no longer works with him that he won’t be able to protect him any longer.

That evening, Dylan realizes he’s being followed and pulls his gun. He’s shocked to find out that the person following him is Caleb, his mother’s brother whom she claims raped her and is Dylan’s father. Caleb says he needs to talk to Dylan and give him some money from the sale of his late mother’s house.

The next day Dylan runs into Caleb again as he sees his car broken down on the side of the road. Wanting Caleb out of town Dylan takes him to the auto parts store to get what he needs to fix his vehicle. Caleb admits to Dylan that when his mother died he realized he had no other family except for Norma and Dylan. He also confesses that he knows he’s Dylan father.

Caleb claims that their mother was “literally” crazy and that his father was the most violent man he’s ever known, and that he and Norma only felt safe with each other. When Dylan returns home Norma is waiting for him. She tells him that his grandmother died, which he already knew thanks to Caleb.

The next morning Dylan heads to the cabin to find Caleb there. Caleb says he’s waiting for a car part, and Dylan is mad. Caleb says he just wants to have a relationship with Dylan and that’s it, without Norma knowing.

While all of this is happening Sheriff Romero is dealing with some local drug dealers who are furious that they lost their jobs, telling him that White Pine Bay has been run on weed for decades and that he’s ruined the city’s biggest business. A bar fight ensues with Romero wins and then he leaves the bar where the encounter took place.

The next night when the beautiful motel guest asks directions to a place in the city, Norman offers to go with her and show her out to get there. She tells him that she’s a hooker and explains she needs the money. Later, Norman returns to the hotel driving her car and she’s nowhere to be found.

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