‘Are You The One’ Season 3 Trailer Released: Show Crazier Than Ever!

Are You The One Season 3 Trailer Released.
Are You The One Season 3 Trailer Released.
Are You The One Season 3 Trailer Released. (MTV)

MTV’s “Are You The One” Season 3 trailer just dropped and it is totally crazy, and the big news is that there is huge new twist that goes along with the new season.

‘Are You The One’ Season 3 Trailer Released

Hollywood Life reports that besides the big drama that is coming on MTV’s “Are You The One,” the hit show that has contestants trying to find their one perfect match among a group of roommates, there will also be a new rule.

For each time the contestants get a “black out,” which is a week when there are absolutely no perfect matches found in the house, they will lose $250,000 off their big $1 million prize, which gets divide up between the 20 of them.

For you die-hard fans, the contestants and their Twitter handles are listed below, so you can check them out before “Are You The One” returns for Season 3 on MTV on Sept. 24.


Amanda, 22 – Westminster, CO, Twitter: @MTV_AMANDAG

Britni, 24 – Augusta, GA, Twitter: @BritniNicol

Chelsey, 23 – Orlando, FL, Twitter: @BombshellChels

Hannah, 22 – Syracuse, NY, Twitter: @_hannahrathbun

Kayla, 22 – Sandy Hook, CT, Twitter: @Kayyjaybee

Kirsten, 22 – Ashburn, VA, Twitter: @KikiMTV

Kristyn, 22 – Los Angeles, CA, Twitter: @cheynotshy

Melanie, 23 – Franklin Square, NY, Twitter: @schmelllanie

Rashida, 23 – Columbia, SC, Twitter: @rashidazakiya

Stacey, 24 – Staten Island, NY, Twitter: @staceygurnevich


Alec, 22 – Philadelphia, PA, Twitter: @agonzalez12

Austin, 22 – Addison, TX, Twitter: @in_my_SHEETS

Chuck, 26 – Maui, HI, Twitter: @MTV_Chuckalodon

Connor, 25 – Tinley Park, IL, Twitter: @tweetconnor180

Devin, 26 – Northampton, MA, Twitter: @MTVbigD

Hunter, 22 – Perry, FL, Twitter: @hbarfield13

Mike, 24 – Stony Brook, NY, Twitter: @mikecrescenz0

Nelson, 26 – San Marcos, TX, Twitter: @NellyT2013

Tyler, 25 – Indianapolis, IN, Twitter: @tee_boogie_

Zak, 26 – Toronto, CN, Twitter: @ZAKLONGO

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