Andy Fraser: Free bass guitarist dead at 62

Andy Fraser has died at the age of 62. Fraser passed away in his Temecula, California home on Monday.Best known for his musical and writing skills as a founding member of the 70’s rock band Free, Fraser helped co-write the bands biggest and most memorable song “All Right Now.”

“All Right Now” guitarist Andy Fraser dead

Andy Fraser‘s death was confirmed by his daughter Hannah in a statement. “I’m so shocked and heartbroken by the loss of our amazing father Andy, who was a true force of nature. His endless passion for music has been an inspiration to the world for over half a decade [sic].”

Free founder Andy Fraser dies

Born in London, Andy Fraser first became a member of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers at the young age of 15. Other notable musicians such as Eric Clapton, and Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones also played in the London based band before venturing off into different musical paths.
“All Right Now” remains one of the biggest classic rock hits ever produced, Andy Fraser produced and played the bass solo on the band’s big hit. It is still used as an anthem in numerous football stadiums across the United States.

The band went their separate ways in 1972. Free’s singer and guitarist Paul Rodgers would later go on to front Bad Company and The Firm. Fraser continuing his career in music, without ever matching the elevated feel or success that he did with Free.¬†Fraser’s daughter revealed of her father’s life and career that he had “a fearless commitment to honesty and justice” and that he worked “tirelessly” for Rock Against Trafficking, gay rights issues, the Occupy movement, eco-activism and ocean conservation.

While Andy Fraser’s cause of death is not yet officially known, many believe the speculation suggests that Fraser died after suffering complications from Aids and cancer at this time his death remains under investigation.¬†Rest In Peace Andy Fraser.

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