Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto Had a ‘Clueless’ Reunion at The AMAs

Alicia Silverstone's 'Clueless' reunion at AMAs.

Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto gave “Clueless” fans an awesome moment at Sunday night’s American Music Awards. The actor reunited for the first time in a long time after starring together in the 90’s cult classic movie.

Clueless Reunion: Alicia Silverstone & Jeremy Sisto Reunite at AMAs

Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto reunited on stage in front of screaming and cheering fans who likely all love the movie “Clueless” as much as we do, and revealed that it has been 20 years (Yes, you read that right!) since they worked together on the film that featured one up and coming band, No Doubt.

Alicia and Jeremy then introduced Gwen Stefani, who gave a very emotional performance of her latest song, “Used To Love You,” which is seemingly about her divorce from longtime husband, Gavin Rossdale.

Gwen Stefani Gives Emotional Performance of “Used To Love You”

Gwen Stefani, who is currently dating her “Voice” co-judge, Blake Shelton, split from Gavin Rossdale after allegedly finding evidence that he had been cheating on her with their children’s nanny.

Gwen Stefani and No Doubt’s song, “Just A Girl,” plays in the beginning of “Clueless,” but didn’t appear on the movie’s official soundtrack. The song debuted in September of 1995 and Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto’s film “Clueless” premiered in theaters in July of the same year.

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