6 Best Scary TV Shows To Binge Watch This Halloween

walking dead on AMC

It’s that time of year again, Halloween, and everyone wants a good scare. While scary movies are a great option this Fall, don’t overlook the plethora of terrifying TV shows that you could, and should, be watching this Halloween season.

With Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and the other streaming services at our disposal it will be easy to get your hands on this hauntingly good TV shows. So grab a snack and get your spook on!

1.) The Twilight Zone — While it’s old and in black and white, the show is a classic and has some seriously spooky episodes for you to enjoy.

2.) American Horror Story — While the fifth season “Hotel” is currently airing on FX, there are four past seasons on Netflix that will terrify you. Chose between “Murder House,” “Asylum,” “Coven,” or “Freak Show” for your horror needs this Halloween.

3.) Tales From The Crypt — HBO’s former scary series will have you reliving the 90’s as you remember exactly why the crypt keeper used to give you nightmares!

4.) Bates Motel — The “Psycho” TV series digs deep into infamous horror movie character Norman Bates’ time as a troubled teenager living with his over emotional mother, Norma, and explores why he became a killer.

5.) Are You Afraid Of The Dark? — Okay, so this is a PG rated scary show that the entire family can enjoy, but remember, there are some pretty scary episodes that the kids may enjoy.

6.) The Walking Dead — AMC’s hit series is currently in it’s 6th season, but enjoy the first five seasons on Netflix and dive into the world of people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse and each other.

All of these creepy TV shows are sure to give you chills this Halloween. Enjoy them while you can…

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