Willow Smith bedroom photo causes controversy

Willow Smith bedroom photo controversy

Willow Smith the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith is reportedly spending a lot of time with a much older man, in some pretty compromising situations.

Willow Smith bedroom photo controversy
Photo Credit: Moisés Arias. Instagram

A photo of Willow Smith, who is only 13-years-old in bed with a shirtless man by the name of Moises Arias, 20 is circulating the celebrity media sites and raising quite a bit of controversy.

The photo first published on Media Take-Out has a number of viewers slamming Jada and Will’s parenting techniques when it comes to the rules about what their very young and barley teenaged daughter is doing, and who she is doing it with these days.

In case you do not recognize the young man in question he is the former Disney Channel actor from the Miley Cyrus show Hannah Montana who played Rico.

The debate broke out after the photo began circulating with some fans claiming that Arias is close pals with willow’s brother Jaden and that the photo is not a big deal.

Celebrity kids out of control in Hollywood

While others are stating that this is just the beginning of what could be a lot of years of trouble for Will and Jada, who have been described in the past as pretty lax parents anyway.

Jada was also recently spotted hanging out at Coachella with Kendall and Kyle Jenner, who was reportedly drinking an partying with others and acting well over their young ages.

Is this just the new celebrity parenting style to let the children act as adults, or are readers correct in believing that Will and Jada’s absentee, look the other way parenting style may just find them with a daughter who spirals out of control very soon.

Question is it now socially acceptable form 13-18 year-old kids to have free reign of their lives and no parent guidance and supervision these days .

Check out the link here and let us know if you believe Willow Smith in bed with a 20-year-old young man is innocent enough, or opportunity for trouble leering around the corner?

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