Wahlberg Kraft high 5 denied during NFL game

Wahlberg Kraft high 5 scene from today’s game after the Patriot’s touchdown is a classic case of leaving a man hanging and the video is making its rounds virally through the social media according to Sunday, September 21 reports from The Washington Post.

It is one thing to be sitting in one of the best seats at the NFL New England Patriots game right next to Robert Kraft, and another to get overly excited when your favorite team scores an exceptional touchdown. But when you are Mark Wahlberg and you are cheering on your team scoring and are caught on video throwing some major shade at the team’s owner it is comical, and embarrassing for Kraft.

The Wahlberg Kraft high 5 denial is going to be a classic on ESPN sports highlight. Earlier today Wahlberg, Kraft and thousands of other fans were extremely pumped when Rob Gronkowski scored a first-have touchdown. Mark Wahlberg was just did not share Kraft’s enthusiasm at the same time, regardless of Kraft’s attempt to celebrate. However it is an amusing video for others to see.

Wonder if Mark Wahlberg will realize this after seeing plastered all over the social media sites and sports highlights?

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