V. Stiviano Instagram: Magic Johnson pic sparks Donald Sterling racism

V. Stiviano Instagram photo with Magic Johnson Donald Sterling racist comments

V. Stiviano’s Instagram photo with Magic Johnson was allegedly the reason behind Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments.

V. Stiviano’s Instagram photo with Magic Johnson sparks Donald Sterling racist remarks?

Sterling reportedly went on a racist tirade after seeing the photo of his girlfriend with the former NBA great, who is, of course, African American.

V. Stiviano’s Instagram photo with Magic Johnson allegedly prompted Donald Sterling to say to her, “Why are you taking photos with minorities? Why?” in a newly released audio tape that has the Clipper’s owner in serious trouble around the NBA.

“Why publicize it on the Instagram and why bring it to the games?” he reportedly asks Stiviano, telling her to act like a white girl or a Latina in the audio obtained by TMZ.

Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling in hot water over racist comments

This audio recording has caused much controversy for V. Stiviano, Donald Sterling, and more.The Clipper’s owner is now being investigated by the NBA, and will likely be suspended, fined, or more by the league.

However, the damage that Sterling has likely caused to his own team is more probably irreversible. Magic Johnson has already spoken out saying he won’t attend another Clipper’s game as long as Donald Sterling is the owner, and fans are outraged by the owner’s alleged comments.

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