TV reunions, spin-offs, and reboots: What’s really happening? (Updated)

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UPDATED 11/28/2015: So many TV show reunions, reboots, and spin-offs are being rumored right now, it’s hard to keep them all straight.

The internet can be a powerful place where truth and lies spread like wildfire. With that in mind, we’re revealing the truth about the rumored TV show reunions, reboots, and spin-offs. Here’s what we know right now.

TV Show Reunions, Reboots, and Spin-Offs: The truth revealed

Boy Meets World”: Yes, it’s really happening. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, the spin-off series, “Girl Meets World” has been filming, and will feature former stars Ben Savage and Daniel Fishel as Cory and Topanga. The show will premiere on The Disney Channel this summer. UPDATE: Of course, ‘Girl Meets World’ began airing and had a huge fan following. It was picked up for Season 2 and is currently filming.

The Walking Dead”: The zombie apacolpse show has ordered a spin-off. While the spin-off has been confirmed, details are scarce, and it’s looking like a 2015 premiere date for the series. UPDATE: ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ the ‘Walking Dead’ spin-off will debuted in the summer of 2015 and has already been picked up for Season 2!

How I Met Your Mother”: Sure, fans are still reeling from the “HIMYM” series finale, but can look forward to “How I Met Your Dad,” the show’s spin-off series. It won’t feature any of the previous characters, but it will have the same premise. A mother telling her children how she met their father. The show is also set to recognize gay marriage in two of the characters. UPDATE: ‘How I Met Your Dad’ has been axed. After assembling a cast the show was axed from the network!

Full House”: It’s been decades since the Tanner family left the airwaves, but John Stamos has confirmed that a sequel series is in talks, but nothing else. So, it’s possible that at least some of the Tanner’s will be back on TV, but the project is nothing but talk as of right now. UPDATE: It’s official! “Fuller House” will be released on Netflix in 2016 and will feature DJ Tanner as a pregnant widowed mother of 3 who will have little sister Stephanie as well as best friend Kimmy Gibbler and her teenage daughter Ramona move in to help her raise her children! Read more here!

Friends”: A “Friends” reunion has been rumored for years. While fans aren’t giving up hope that Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe will reunite in some fashion, the stars don’t seem too keen on a reunion, at least for now.

Step by Step”: Star Patrick Duffy recently revealed that he and Suzanne Sommers have talked about a reboot or reunion of the series, and would be on board if the script and timing was right. Duffy did say they’ve been approached about projects, but didn’t confirm anything.

One Tree Hill”: It’s only been a few years since “OTH” left the CW, but we already miss it. In a recent interview, James Lafferty, who played Nathan Scott on the series, says after enough time has passed it seems very possible that the cast could reunite.

Dexter”: While the “Dexter” series finale left some fans angry and unsettled, they’re holding out hope for a spin-off series. While star Michael C. Hall says that not something he can wrap his head around at the moment, Showtime president says he’d only consider it if Hall was on board, and that’s it.

Breaking Bad”: Fans are pumped for the CONFIRMED “Breaking Bad” spin-off titled “Better Call Saul.” The series has officially began filming and is scheduled for a November 2014 premiere on AMC. UPDATE: ‘Better Call Saul’ was a big hit in Season 1 for AMC, look for more to come!

Coach“: Football coach Hayden Fox will return in a new spin-off series. Craig T. Nelson will return and come out of retirement to help his son coach a start up college football team. UPDATE: The show has been axed by NBC.

The X-Files“: Scully and Mulder are coming back! The show has been confirmed for a reunion season coming soon and fans are so excited. UPDATE: The show will return to the Fox Network and star the original actors in 2016.

Twin Peaks“: The creepy drama was confirmed to be coming back to TV 20 years later. UPDATE: Contract issues as well as director Davide Lynch backing out could hurt the show’s chances of making it to air.

Married With Children” — David Faustino who played Bud Bundy on the series revealed that Sony has a spin-off in the works, and that the entire cast, Christina Applegate, Ed O’Neil, and Katy Segal will likely all return.

Sons of Anarchy — FX has confirmed a spin-off series about the Mayan motorcycle group. Look for it on FX in the near future.

There you have it. What’s really going on with the latest TV reunion, reboot, and spin-off rumors. What do you think? Tweet us @OMGNewsDaily or leave a comment below.

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