True Blood series finale recap: ‘Thank You’

True Blood series finale recap.
True Blood series finale recap.
True Blood series finale recap: ‘Thank You’ (HBO)

The True Blood series finale is upon us. Fans will be on the edge of their seats waiting to find out how it all ends for Sookie, Bill, Jessica, Hoit, Jason, Sam, Arlene, and the rest of the gang.

True Blood series finale: ‘Thank You’

Sookie will weigh her options for a future both with, and without, her True Blood love, Bill Compton. Can Sookie and Bill ever be together?

Meanwhile, Eric and Pam will struggle with their part in the True Blood scandal, which includes the Hep-V vampires, and the fact that they’ve found the cure in Sarah Newlin’s blood. Will they be able to solve their problems?

It should be an emotional, and action packed True Blood finale. Be sure to check back during, or after, the show for a full live recap of the True Blood series finale.

True Blood series finale recap: August 24, 2014

The True Blood series finale starts will Bill entering Sookie’s house to explain why he’s decided to die, but she’s angry about his decision. Bill tells his love that if she were to be with him that she wouldn’t have the best parts of life, like children.

Then, Bill asks Sookie to use her light to kill him, and then she’ll no longer be a fairy and attract vampires to her. She tells him to leave her house, and he does.

Meanwhile, Eric tells Pam that he wants to kill Gus, and has a plan, which includes setting Sarah Newlin free. Sarah takes Pam’s blood so that she’ll be able to feel her when she’s in trouble. Sarah escapes, and Bill and Pam begin their plan, which is killing Gus, and they succeed.

Meanwhile, Gus’ people head to Sookie’s house, but Eric gets there first and stops them.

Later, Sarah Newlin tells Pam that she’s a terrible person, and that she would make a great vampire and asks Pam to turn her. Pam refuses to turn her, but does take her blood in order to protect her from the Hep-V virus.

Bill is at his house when he sees that Jessica is home, and she’s brought Hoit with her. Jess is still very upset with Bill, and tells him that she’ll be okay without him.

Bill asks Hoit if he plans on ever asking Jess to marry him, and Jessica is surprised when he says yes. It’s then that Bill begins to feel worse.

Sookie sits up alone and remembers her childhood with Tara and her grandma, whom she remembers telling her that there are no limits for her life, and that she can have anything she wants out of life.

Over at Jason’s house, Bridgette answers Jason’s door when Sookie shows up. Sookie wakes Jason up and tells him about Bill, and his request. Hoit calls Jason to ask him to be his best man, as he and Jess have decided to get married.

Friends gather at Bill’s house for the wedding, and Bill tells Andy that he’s his oldest remaining heir, and that Andy will get Bill’s house, and that if he’ll rent it Jess and Hoit for $1 a month, and Andy agrees.

Jason calms Hoit’s nerves and the two former best friends finally make amends with one another.

Bill walks Jessica down the aisle and she and Hoit are married by Andy. Sookie then realizes that she can hear Bill’s thoughts, and knows how much Bill wants Sookie to be happy.

Later, Sookie tells Jason that Bridgette has feelings for him, and that she approves of Bridgette. Jason then takes off to drop Bridgette at the airport.

Sookie heads to the church to speak with the reverend Daniels, and tells him that she’s a fairy. The reverend tells Sookie that she needs to do what’s best for her, and she leaves feeling a little better. Sookie tells Bill she’s made arrangements at the cemetery and that she’ll meet him there at sundown.

The two meet in the cemetery and Sookie tells Bill she can’t let go. The two share a passionate kiss, and Bill thanks her for fulfilling his request.

Bill climbs into the grave that’s been his, yet empty for over a hundred years and opens his coffin to find a photograph of himself and his daughter. Bill lays down in the coffin and says he’s ready. “I’ll never forget you,” Sookie tells him and harnesses her energy into a ball.

Sookie sees her light and realizes that she can’t throw away what she is, a fairy, or kill Bill with her light. Bill still wants to die, so Sookie gets a wooden stake, tells Bill that she loves him, kisses him a final time, and drives the stake through his heart.

Bill dies, exploding into a pile of blood, and Sookie breaks down, covered in his blood. She closes his coffin mourns her lost love.

Sookie crawls out of the grave and buries Bill. When she’s done she leaves the cemetery and walks toward the light.

A year later, Eric has created a product called “new blood,” the cure for Hep-V. He and Pam are on TV selling the product. The two claim to never have found Sarah Newlin, but that they synthesized her blood for a cure.

Three years after that Eric and Pam are popular and rich. That Thanksgiving Sookie is cooking turkey, pregnant, and Jason even has children with Bridgette, three girls.

Sam and his daughter arrive to celebrate the holiday with their family. Pam and Eric are back at Fangtasia and selling time with Sarah Newlin, who is still chained up in the basement with her conscience, who just happens to be her ex-husband, Steve Newlin.

Everyone gathers at Sookie’s for Thanksgiving, and are happy together. Sookie is married and happy, but her husband’s face is not revealed. She finally has the life that Bill wanted her to have.

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