True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 9 — ‘Love Is To Die’

True Blood recap: SeasTrue Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 9 -- 'Love Is To Die'on 7, Episode 9 -- 'Love Is Die'
True Blood recap: SeasTrue Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 9 -- 'Love Is To Die'on 7, Episode 9 -- 'Love Is Die'
True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 9 — ‘Love Is To Die’

True Blood was back on Sunday with the last episode before the series finale,and it was another good one. Bill shocks Sookie and Jessica when he tells them that he doesn’t want to drink Sarah Newlin’s blood and be cured of Hep-V.

True Blood season 7, episode 9 — ‘Love Is To Die’

Sookie slaps Bill in anger multiple times, and Jessica asks to be released from Bill, and he sadly does.

Later, Sookie and Jessica go to visit Sam, and they find out that he and Nicole have left. Sam leaves Sookie a note telling her that he and Nicole were leaving to find a better life in a town where crazy doesn’t run wild.

Sookie and Jessica go into the bar where Jessica runs into Lafayette and James together, but stays calm. Meanwhile, Arlene is staying positive about not having any business at the bar.

Sookie tells everyone that Sam is gone, and tells Andy that Sam left him a letter as well. Sam tells Andy that he’s resigned as Mayor of Bon Temps.

Jessica asks James if he’s happy with Lafayette, and when he tells her that he is, she says she’s happy for them, and then leaves the bar without Sookie.

Bridgette confronts Hoit about him saying he doesn’t want to have children, and then becomes suspicious about his attraction to Jessica. Just then Jessica knocks on the door with urgency.

Jessica tells Hoit the truth about how she glamoured him to forget about their relationship. Bridgette tells Hoit that if he goes with Jess that they are through, and he leaves her behind to chase Jessica.

Jessica tells Hoit about the situation with Bill and needs to talk to him in her moment of need. Hoit forgives Jess and hugs her.

Bridgette calls Jason and asks him to pick her up, telling him about Jessica and Hoit and their break up.

Arlene gives Sookie a pep talk, and the gang gather at the bar for a “family” dinner.

Eric visits Bill at home and tells him about his experience with Hep-V, and that Bill is being selfish in his decision to die. Bill thinks that Sookie needs Bill to die in order to move on with her life.

Bill explains that Sookie’s fairy light pulls him in, and that their darkness pulls her in. Bill asks Eric to talk to Sookie for him, and he reluctantly agrees.

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Jason comes for Bridgette and sees Jessica and Hoit. Hoit punches Jason and knocks him out. When he wakes up Bridgette is driving him to the hospital. He tells her it’s unnecessary, and tells her to go back to his house.

Sarah Newlin is still chained up in the basement of Fangtasia when she’s taken upstairs to Pam, who wants to dye her hair back to blonde.

Jason works his charm in order to get Bridgette a flight back home, and he’s successful, making Bridgette look at him in a new light.

Meanwhile, Hoit and Jessica talk about what when wrong in their relationship in the past, and Jess heals Hoits hand after he hurt it punching Jason.

Jason tells Bridgette the he was the reason Hoit left town as Jessica cheated on him with Jason. Jason tells Bridgette that Hoit and Jessica belonged together, as Hoit and Jess made love at his house.

The gang leaves the bar as Eric waits for Sookie in the shadows. He tells her about his conversation with Bill, and that she should hear Bill out.

Jason and Bridgette lay in bed together, bonding, and talking. Jason tells her that he really wants to have children someday, and that he’s worried he’ll have a daughter one day who will meet a guy like himself.

Bill makes his way to Sookie’s house and walks through the cemetery where his wife and children are buried.

Later, Eric returns to Fangtasia and finally gives Ginger what she’s been wanting, a night with him, but it doesn’t last long.

Eric goes down to the basement to find Pam chained up and a stake hovering above her. Eric reveals that Sookie knows that Sarah is the cure.

Bill reaches Sookie’s house, and the episode ends, leading way to next week’s series finale.

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