True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 8 – ‘Almost Home’

True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 8.
True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 8.
True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 8. (HBO)

True Blood season 7 is winding down, but in episode 8, titled “Almost Home,” a strange turn of events happen.

True Blood season 7, episode 8 — ‘Almost Home’

Jason finds out that Adalyn and Wade are being held by Violet and rushes to help them. However, he’s got company. Hoit’s girlfriend Bridgette tags along after a fight with Hoit, and Jason has no choice but to take her.

When Jason arrives at Violet’s house she has a surprise for him. Adalyn, Wade, and Jessica are all there, tied up and gaged, and awaiting death.

Violet ties Jason up as well, and then tells the entire group her plan to kill and torture them one by one. However, before she can carry out her evil plot, she gets a wooden bullet through the heart courtesy of Hoit, who followed Jason and Bridgette to Violet’s house.

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Hoit, who was glamoured not to remember Jessica or Jason after their relationship caused his pain, meets Jessica again and is instantly drawn to her. Later, Hoit asks Jason about Jessica, and he fills her in on what’s going on in Jess’ life at the moment.

Hoit visits Jessica at her home, and the two share their connection all over again.Meanwhile, Eric finds Sarah Newlin, and drinks her blood, which cures him immediately of the Hep-V virus.

Later when Sookie sees that Eric’s been cured she tells him about Bill’s dire situation and begs him to help Bill. He tells her he will return the next night, which is not good enough for our Sookie.

Sookie drives to Fangtasia to see Eric, and when she gets there she realizes it’s a dangerous situation. Eric pretends to glamour her and she leaves, but later returns through the back into the basement, where she finds Sarah Newlin chained up.

Sookie reads Sarah’s thoughts and realizes that she is the cure. Later she brings Bill back to drink Sarah’s blood. Pam, Eric, Jessica, and Sookie all wait for Bill to take his “medicine” when he stops himself and announces that he does not want the cure, shocking everyone.

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