True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 4 – ‘Death Is Not The End’

True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 4 -- 'Death Is Not The End.'
True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 4 -- 'Death Is Not The End.'
True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 4 — ‘Death Is Not The End.’ (HBO)

True Blood was back for another action packed episode, where familiar faces returned, and more lives were lost. Sookie calls Alcide’s father to tell him that he’s dead, as Jason calls Hoyt, who’s been off the show for a couple of seasons, to tell him that his mother was killed by a vampire.

True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 4 — ‘Death Is Not The End’

Hoyt breaks down. Although he never had a great relationship with his mother, he’s very sad. Hoyt also doesn’t remember Jason, as Jessica glamoured him into forgetting about her and Jason after they began dating.

Sookie has little time to mourn, as she, Jason, Violet, Sam, and Bill are desperate to save Arlene and the rest of the hostages at Fangstasia.

Pam and Eric are on a plane, and Eric tells her that he wants to go back to Louisiana to get Willa, his other progeny. Eric reminds Pam of when they first arrived in Shreveport to run a video store, which was a punishment for disobeying the vampire authority. The store later became Fangtasia.

Sookie goes to visit Arlene’s children, and talks straight to them, telling them that their mom is strong, and fighting to get back to them. Sookie promises that she’ll get Arlene back for them.

Sookie visits Holly in hopes of making her remember where she was being held with Arlene, Nicole, and the others. Holly breaks down, but remembers, and Sookie hurries to Bill’s house to make a plan to rescue the women.

Sam wants to go rescue Nicole and Arlene on his own, but Jason stops him, by talking some sense into him, tell him they need vampire protection.

Jessica’s gunshot isn’t healing well because she hasn’t eaten. James tells her that he’s going to get Bill to command her to eat something. Sookie enters Bill’s house and tells Jess she can feed off of her, and that she’s trusts her not to drain her, even though she’s a fairy. Jess says she’ll feed and help Sookie, but won’t drink her blood.

Another flashback shows Pam working in her video store, when Ginger walks in, which is how Pam and Eric meet their human assistant. It’s revealed that Ginger is the one who suggested the idea of making the video store into a vampire bar, and that Pam glamoured her to take credit for the idea.

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Sookie lets Bill feed on her as she needs him to be strong for the attack at Fangtasia. Meanwhile, Lafayette comes over to feed Jessica. They talk, he gets through to her, and she finally eats after months of starving herself.

Eric and Pam show up at Bill’s house, and Sookie is happy to see him, but upset when she finds out that Eric has Hep-V. The two have a private moment, where Eric tells Sookie where’s he’s been, and she tells him about the trouble they’re all in.

Willa comes back after Eric summons her, and is not happy about the fact that he left her when she was still a newborn vampire. Eric, Pam, and Willa agree to fight with Sookie, Bill, and the rest of the group.

Sam turns into a rat and finds Nicole, Arlene, and Jane Boathouse, telling them that vampires will be coming to save them.

Bill goes to save them, and Pam insists on going instead of Eric, who needs to save his strength. However, the vampires already have Arlene and are feeding on her. Eric beats on the front door and brings Sookie with him, trying to stall while the rest of the group enters through the back.

Before the gang can carryout their plan, the vigilante citizens begin to attack, and more Hep-V vampires show up, and fight against the healthy vampires.

Arlene lays dying as Sookie begs for a healthy vampire to give her some blood. Arlene sees Terry’s spirit, as James’ friend gives her blood. Terry tells Arlene to stay alive for the kids, and tells her he loves her, and to be happy.

Arlene and Nicole are rescued, and Sookie lets herself cry for Alcide’s death, Eric’s illness, and everything else that’s happened.

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