True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 3 – ‘Fire In The Hole’

True Blood season 7, episode 3 recap.
True Blood season 7, episode 3 recap.
True Blood season 7, episode 3 recap. (HBO)

True Blood returns for episode 3 in season 7, which is the end for the series. In the episode, titled “Fire In The Hole,” Pam will try to convince Eric to return to Louisiana.

True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 3 — ‘Fire In The Hole’

Meanwhile, Sookie will come up with a risky plan, which seems to be the only kind of plans that the citizens of Bon Temps seem to carry out.

Jason will consider a future with his vampire girlfriend, Violet, while Willa will be forced to relocate.

Sarah Newlin will also return to True Blood, as the last time we saw her she was trying to kill Bill, Jessica, and the rest of the gang, and Jason sparred her life.

More could be revealed about Layfayette and James, as well as Jessica’s search for Andy’s daughter as well.

Check back for a full recap of tonight’s episode of True Blood, which will be posted below.

True Blood recap: July 6, 2014

True Blood season 7, episode 3 starts off with a different looking Sarah Newlin doing yoga in California, trying to forget her past, and center herself.

Pam is sad to see that Eric is sick with Hep-V, and tells him that she felt that Tara met the true death. Pam tries to convince Eric to fight, but he says he’s ready to meet Godric, Nora, and others, including an ex-girlfriend, Sylvie, that have all died.

Alcide emerges from the shower, and finds Sookie is gone from their house. He follows her sent to Bill’s house, where he rushes to find her, but she’s already gone with Bill carrying out a plan.

Sookie asks Bill why he can’t feel her anymore, and he reveals that it’s because he was drained. Bill tells her that she needs to drink his blood or he won’t be able to help her.

Adalyn and Wade are locked in the prison. Jessica and Andy come to save them. They tell Andy that the townspeople have gone rogue.

Lettie Mae comes storming in ranting about Tara, and Willa apologizes for giving her more blood.

Sam comes home with his assigned vampire to find the Bon Temps citizens armed and waiting for him. They kill the vampire, and Sam turns into an owl and takes off.

Jason asks Violet that if they make it through this alive, if she’ll have a baby with him, reasoning adoption, of course, since she’s a vampire. She tells him that she wants a man, not a sensitive “girl.” Later, Jason, Andy, Violet, and Jessica go off to find Sookie.

Layfayette gets a visit from James. Layfayette asks James what’s got him upset, and he tells him that Jessica and he aren’t connecting.

The two talk about drugs, and James reveals that vamps can’t swallow pills. Layfayette tells him that he’ll do the drugs, and he can drink his blood and get high too.

The Hep-V vampires are  running out of food, and need to go get some more people to hold hostage and later eat.

Meanwhile, Bill and Sookie wait for a vampire to come get her, as she’s the bait, and hoping they’ll bring her back to Arlene, Holly, and the others.

Bill asks Sookie if she loves Alcide, she tells him yes, but that Alcide wants kids, and that she’s afraid that she doesn’t love Alcide as much as he loves her.

Jason, Andy, Violet, and Jess run into the armed townspeople. When Hoit’s mom shoots Jess in the arm, Violet rips her heart out.

Lettie Mae’s husband explains to Willa that she’s a temptation to his wife, and that she has to leave, and resends her invitation.

Eric tells Pam to leave because he doesn’t want to live anymore. Pam tells Eric that Sarah Newlin is still alive, which renews his energy, as he wants to kill her for what she’s done to vampires in the past.

Hep-V vampires come for Sookie, and attack Bill, but Alcide, Sam, Jess, Jason, and Violet come to the rescue. Alcide and Bill argue, and one of the citizens shoots and kills Alcide.

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