True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 2 — ‘I Found You’

True Blood season 7, episode 2 recap
True Blood season 7, episode 2 recap
True Blood season 7, episode 2 recap. (HBO)

True Blood started off with a little action between Eric and Jason, of course it’s all in Jason’s dreams. Jason dreams that he finally found Eric, and that the two shared a passionate connection, which included a very steamy make out scene, which was all in Jason’s mind. Then, he wakes up startled.

True Blood season 7, Episode 2 — ‘I Found You’

Meanwhile, Sookie is having a hard time blocking out the thoughts of the citizens, who are scared, and still blaming her for the entire Hep V vampire attack. Sam tells the citizens of Bon Temps to keep busy and help Arlene clean up the bar the day after the attack, and tells him to go home before sundown and not to leave until sun up.

The Hep V vampires are still gathered at Fangtasia, and reveal that their plan is to kidnap people and ration their blood. However, when one goes Rogue and drains a few people, they decide they need more people.

Arlene realizes that one of the Hep V vampires was the teacher for her and Holly’s children, and spared them when coming to pick a new human to drink from. Arlene vows to get them out of the bar’s basement.

Sookie shows the dead girl she found the night before to the police, and they identify her as a person from a town very near Bon Temps. When they attempt to contact the emergency people in the town, they get no answer.

Tara’s mother stops in to check on Lafayette, and tells him she wants to see Tara again, and that she saw her daughter’s spirit after her death. Lettie Mae asks Lafayette to get her more vampire blood, as when she was on the blood she sees Tara’s spirit. Lafayette refuses to help her get more blood, and she storms out.

The former mayor creates doubt within the citizens, and tries to turn them against Sam, and tells them about Sam’s shifting. The citizens decide to arm themselves and take matters into their own hands and become vigilantes.

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Arlene and Holly reach out to the vampire “reaper,” who breaks down in tears over her situation. Arlene begs for mercy, and she says she’ll try to figure something out.

Andy, Jason, Sookie, Alcide, and Sam go to the town where the dead girl was from and find no one. It’s like a ghost town there. Sookie makes a startling discovery when a huge hole in the ground containing the dead bodies of everyone from the town.

The citizens come to the police station to loot all the guns, and they talk Kenya into standing by their side. The citizens lock Andy’s daughter and Holly’s son up and take the guns, as Jessica knows she’s in trouble, but cannot come out to help her until sun down.

Sookie and the gang find the dead girl’s house and realize her whole family was taken. Sookie finds the girl’s diary and her life mirror’s Sookie’s life with Bill. The diary reveals that the Hep V vampires were picking off the citizens of the town.

Lettie Mae intentionally burns herself so that Willa will give her some blood, in hopes that she’ll see Tara again, which she does.

Alcide tells Sookie that she’s not like the dead girl, and that she’s not to blame for the vampires being in Bon Temps. Sookie says she’s worried about the vamps wiping out their whole town. Alcide offers to take Sookie out of Bon Temps, but she refuses. Meanwhile, the sick vamps are waking up, and teacher Betty asks to be the sleep monitor so that she may help Arlene and the girls escape.

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However, she needs to feed before she helps them, and Arlene offers her blood. As she’s feeding she dies, and ruins the girl’s escape plans.

Andy comes home to find Jessica, and she warns him that his daughter Addalyn is in trouble, and promises to find her.

Alcide and Sookie arrive home at sun down and Alcide goes to take a shower as Sookie rushes off to Bill’s house. Sookie asks Bill if he can still sense her fear, and he looks confused.

Meanwhile, Pam is in France looking for Eric, and she finally finds him, but he has Hep V.

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