True Blood recap: Season 7, Episode 1 – ‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’

True Blood season 7 premiere recap.
True Blood season 7 premiere recap.
True Blood season 7 premiere recap. (HBO)

True Blood season 7 debuted on HBO on Sunday, and what a crazy episode to kick off the final season of the show.

True Blood season 7 premiere recap: ‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’

Season 7 picks up right where season 6 left off with the Hep V vampires attacking the BBQ at Arlene’s bar. (Formerly Sam Merlotte’s place.)

It’s an all-out war as the residents of Bon Temps and the healthy vampires are fighting the Hep V vamps, and it’s a blood bath.

Holly, Arlene, and Sam’s pregnant girlfriend are all taken by the vampires, and TARA was killed! Andy is called in, and Jessica vows to protect his daughter Adalynn while he’s gone.

True Blood season 7: Sookie’s mind reading is back in the spotlight

Sookie overhears everyone’s thoughts, and most are blaming her for the vampire problem, even Alcide’s thoughts hurt Sookie’s feelings, and she begins walking home on her own.

Meanwhile, the former Mayor of Bon Temps sees Sam shift from his dog form and freaks out. Sam promises to tell him about it later while they help the victims.

Pam is in Morocco playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette with wooden bullets in order to find Eric.

Alcide is furious when he comes home to find that Sookie has walked home alone in the dark alone. She tells him that she read his thoughts, but she tells him that it’s her curse that she always knows what people think about her.

James’ story is told

James is assigned as Lafayette’s vampire. He takes Layfayette home, and the two bond. James tells him that all his friends died in Vietnam.

James reveals that his best friend/lover’s father beat him to near death with a baseball bat after his son’s death, and that a vampire took pity on him and turned him. As there is no longer True Blood to drink, Layfayette feeds James.

A Hep V vampire shows up and wants Adalynn. Jessica convinces her to drink her blood, so that she can always protect her. Jess stays until sun up, and Adalynn invites her in to save her life.

Tara’s mother is freaking out after Willa gives her some blood to heal her wounds. She says she can see Tara, who was just killed.

Willa tells the reverend that she has nowhere to go now that Pam and Eric are gone and Tara’s dead. He tells her she can sleep in the church basement as long as she wants to.

Bon Temps residents go rouge

Bill and Andy find the Hep V vampires’ nesting spot, and there are plenty of dead, decaying bodies there, but none are Holly or Arlene. They do find a group of vigilantes, who don’t like the fact that they government wants to mix humans and healthy vamps, and will likely cause trouble somehow.

Holly, Arlene, Sam’s pregnant girlfriend, Nicole, and many others are at Fangtasia, in the same basement shackles where Eric once held Layfayette hostage.

Andy drops Bill off at home and he has a flashback of himself as a human saying goodbye to his wife and children before leaving for the war.

Will Sookie be shunned?

The next morning at church Tara’s mother tells Sookie she’s not welcome there, and it’s her fault that Tara’s dead. She reads the thoughts of the congregation and see they agree with her. She tells them all that she’s not blameless, but that she loves Bon Temps, and knows vampires better than anyone else, and wants to help. “Please let me help,” she tells them as the episode ends.

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