Tori Spelling Pregnant: Using Pregnancy to Control Dean McDermott, Boost Ratings?

Tori Spelling pregnant again or using drama for ratings?
Tori Spelling pregnant again or using drama for ratings?
Tori Spelling pregnant again or using drama for ratings? (PR Photos)

Is Tori Spelling pregnant again? In previews for the new season of “True Tori” the “Beverly Hills 90210” alum tells her husband, Dean McDermott that she might be pregnant with baby number 5, and now the actress is wearing maternity clothes, In Touch reports.

Is Tori Spelling pregnant with baby no. 5?

According to the report, Tori Spelling may very well be pregnant again, and has been telling everyone who will listen that she’s wearing maternity clothes, although she’s very skinny, and wouldn’t likely need them until at least the end of her second trimester.

“She’s actually wearing maternity clothes,” an insider close to the family reveals, “and she isn’t shy about telling everyone.”

Meanwhile, some may suggest that Tori Spelling is using the pregnancy, whether real or not, as a way to boost ratings, and ultimately income, for her reality series “True Tori,” as well as control her husband, Dean McDermott, who has recently been involved in a cheating scandal.

Tori Spelling using pregnancy drama to save marriage, boost ratings?

“When she’s pregnant, Dean’s there for her,” says another source. “So she uses her pregnancies as a way to control him. It’s bizarre.” Also, “Tori knows it will help her storyline for the show.”

However, another pregnancy is probably not good for Tori Spelling, who fell seriously ill and had a lot of complications during her last pregnancy with son, Finn, 2.

Tori Spelling knows that she needs something dramatic besides Dean’s affair to grab headlines for “True Tori” this season, and a pregnancy, whether it’s true or just a scare, could be just the ticket to gaining some extra ratings for the series, which hasn’t been doing well in that department.

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