Tori Spelling hospitalized for 6 days as reality show airs

tori spelling hospitalized for 6 days
tori spelling hospitalized for 6 days
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Tori Spelling was recently hospitalized for 6 days in the midst of her marriage troubles airing on her reality TV show, “True Tori.”

Tori Spelling hospitalized amid marriage troubles

Spelling headed home on Saturday afternoon after spending nearly a week in the hospital, but the reasoning behind her hospitalization was not disclosed.

A source revealed that Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott, was there for her every step of the way through the hospitalization.

Dean McDermott there for her every step of the way

“He would arrive by 10 am and didn’t leave until 8 most nights. He seemed very stressed out and worried, [and] would bring food and often only left Tori to go outside to catch some air or make a phone call,’” an observer revealed.

Could Tori Spelling’s marriage troubles playing out for the entire world to see have sent her over the edge, and in to the hospital? We’re hoping Tori feels better soon, as she has a big brood to look after!

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