Tori Spelling hooked on pain pills?

tori spelling addicted to pain pills?
tori spelling addicted to pain pills?

Tori Spelling has been suffering from terrible migraines for years. In fact, her severe headaches are allegedly what recently put her in the hospital for six days.

Tori Spelling addicted to pain pills?

Now, friends and family are worried about Tori, as she’s been using prescription pain medication to help deal with the debilitating headaches.

Sources reveal to In Touch that Tori Spelling has been “using pain killers for years,” and that since her husband, Dean McDermott’s cheating scandal, “the frequency of Tori’s migraines has increased.”

Spelling’s life reportedly fell apart after McDermott admitted to cheating on her with 28-year-old Emily Goodhand of Canada, and then went to rehab for sex addiction as well as drugs and alcohol.

Recently, Dean McDermott admitted to cheating on Tori Spelling because he “didn’t think he’d get caught,” as well as get out of hand while drinking and “doing lines.”

Tori’s reportedly been using medications such as Xanax for anxiety in addition to taking anti-depressants over the past months.

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