Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss love connection made?

Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss a perfect match?
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Church of Scientology pushing Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss to get together

Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss are reportedly set to become the next Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cruise, if Tom’s fellow Scientologists have anything to do with it.

Tom Cruise was reported last fall to have admitted that he was still very much in love with his ex-Katie Holmes, and was hoping that someday they could work through their issues and reconcile.

Now it appears as if Tom Cruise is ready to move on with Elisabeth Moss, 31, the star of Mad Men.

Of course there is quite an age difference between Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss, to the tune of two decades.

Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss the next celebrity power couple?


Despite the age difference though, Tom and Elizabeth are reported to have a lot of common interests, one main one being that they are both members of the Church of Scientology.

This is a big plus for Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss in the eyes of the church, who love to see these two hook up on a permanent basis.

Cruise has had three former marriages with the last two ending because of his religious beliefs, and involvement with the Church of Scientology.

Sources have revealed that Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss would be a perfect match for each other, and the church.
“Friends think it would be great for both of them – and Scientology. [Church leaders would] be delighted to have their leading member become involved with another celebrity Scientologist.”

So far there has NOT been any confirmation that this latest celebrity couple rumor is anything more than that, a rumor.

But, if it does prove positive to hold water do you think Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss would make a prefect couple for each other, and would you like to see Tom Cruise finally settle down for good this time?

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