Tim Zickuhr of Ice Road Truckers charged with kidnapping a prostitute

History Channel trucker busted for kidnapping

Tim Zickuhr of the History Channel hit Ice Road Truckers Season 2 has been charged with three felonies after allegedly kidnapping and holding a Las Vegas prostitute against her will.

Tim Zickuhr has been charged with first degree kidnapping, extortion, and coercion forcing the woman to attempt to escape by jumping from a second floor window.

Police reports reveal that the woman, who’s professional name is Snow White told police officers that Tim Zickuhr hired her for a”date” back in December.

She reveals The Ice Road Trucker star gave her his debit card to pay for the services and later accuses her taking to much cash from his account.

History Channel’s Ice Road Trucker’s driver Tim Zickuhr accused of kidnapping

The story gets even stranger when Zickuhr called her the next day to come to his apartment to discuss their money dispute. Snow White then describes the horrific event that occurred next.
She claims as soon as she arrived Tim Zickuhr began attacking her, punching her in the face, and threatening to kill her if she didn’t get him the money she’d stolen from him the day before.

Next she alleged he tied her up with backpack straps, continued to beat her, and then poured cold water on her from a mop bucket.

According to reports Tim then locked her in a closet in his home demanding she give him a phone number of someone that would return his money.

The prostitute claims she gave The Ice Road Trucker star,Tim Zickuhr the phone number of a local police officer that she was friends with, and he called the man, who Tim Zickuhr threatened that he would kill Snow White if his $1000 was not returned ASAP.

Stroke of genius from Snow White — she gave Tim the phone number of a police officer she knew … and according to the report, Tim actually called it, claiming he’d kill Snow White if $1,000 wasn’t delivered to him.

The reports then state that Zickuhr arranged the meeting for the return of his cash and then forced the prostitute to leave through his second floor window.

Interestingly enough Tim Zickuhr met up with the police officer, who arrested him on the spot, and he admitted to everything!

This sounds more like a movie of the week than an actual real life situation, but people are strange and more details concerning this news is expected to be released soon.

Tim Zickuhr is due in court in May. breakdown, or drugs?

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