Tim McGraw Eating Disorder? Expert Says He’s Too Skinny

Tim McGraw too skinny?
Tim McGraw too skinny?
Tim McGraw too skinny? (Instagram)

Does Tim McGraw have an eating disorder? Rumors are flying after a report by Star Magazine, that the country music superstar’s friends and family are very worried about his health, and think he’s just too skinny.

Is Tim McGraw too skinny?

The magazine claims that Tim has shrunk down to a weight of only 138 pounds, which would be very thin for a man his size, calling the singer “downright manorexic.”

Star claims that it’s Tim McGraw’s crazy workout regimen that’s left him looking too thin.

“My workout program took the place of alcohol, and it’s really important,” Tim McGraw recently revealed, adding that his drinking was out of control and that he was forced to choose between booze or his wife, Faith Hill.

However, Faith Hill allegedly isn’t liking the new Tim much better.

“It’s gotten to the point that he’s not even fun to be around, because all he wants to do is talk about exercise and diet,” says an insider, adding that while Tim McGraw’s wife and daughters no longer have to drag him out of the bar, but have to compete with his 4-hour long workouts and “shirtless selfies.”

Tim McGraw is underweight says expert

“I’ll be the first to admit I take it to extremes,” Tim confessed. “I’m not one of those people who can sorta half-ass something.”

However, if he keeps this up, he’ll be looking at some serious trouble, according to weight-loss expert Alicia Hunter, who says that the 6’0″ McGraw should be about 170 pounds, but looks more like 138.

“Intense devotion to both his diet program and exercise regime could actually be bad for his general health — it’s zapping him of the energy he needs for touring and performing,” she adds.

What do you think of Star Magazine’s report? Does Tim McGraw have an eating disorder? Is he addicted to exercise and just too skinny? Tweet us @OMGNewsDaily or leave a comment below.

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