The Young and the Restless Spoilers:Chelsea moves on from Adam’s death with Billy?

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Chelsea finds herself having feelings for Billy again

The Young and the Restless fans will be finding some things in Genoa City taking an interesting turn soon, especially when it comes to Adam Newman’s return to town.

But as all soap fans know specially The Young and the Restless fans, Adam Newman’s crazy and bizarre return from the dead will not be without drama and conflict.

When Adam Newman does decide to finally reveal himself and reach out to his family and wife will it be to late? Chelsea spent quite a while keeping the faith alive that Adam was still alive, only to be hit with the news that he was 100 percent confirmed dead just a couple of weeks ago.

Since then she has been mourning and consoled by Billy Abbott, who, is also coming down hard from his split with Victoria.

Not to mention that Billy and Chelsea have so much history that they will forever be connected together, they do share a child also.

It is a crazy, whirlwind of a messy family relationship because soon after Chelsea accused Billy of rape she then proceeded to begin a relationship with Adam Newman.

After a tumultuous marriage Chelsea gave birth to Adam Newman’s son Connor.

Adam Newman’s return will shake things up in Genoa City

Now that these two kindred souls have found their selves single again they are bound to find their way back to each other right?

This could also give these two the chance to finally become parents together to their son,another conflict will be Victoria when it comes to Conner.

And will all of this parental distress effect the little boy in a negative way, this much family dysfunction is apt to have some serious side effects on him whether it be now or down the road.

But just as they May try and start a happy new life together Adam Newman will arrive in town to throw a road block into their happiness.

A shocked and surprised Chelsea will then have her back against the wall and be forced to CHOOSE between the two men she has loved in her life.

This will get juicy, because who will Chelsea choose given the opportunity this time, hearts will break, and blood could be shed this time finding someone else in Genoa City dead, for real this time.

Who will Chelsea end up with? Make your predictions here and now. Will it be Billy, or Adam Newman when he makes his return?

The Young and the Restless airs Monday-Friday on CBS

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