The Young and the Restless Spoilers, weddings crashed and medical emergencies arise in Genoa City

The Young and the Restless under fire over Jill Phleps control decisions that have failed

The Young and the Restless viewers are in for a full week of drama starting on Monday October 6th, there is going to be a lot going down in a short time.

Shocking shake ups come to Genoa City when Phyllis Newman makes a surprise return

This week on The Young and the Restless fans will finally get to see the anticipated return of Phyllis Newman and she will make it to Genoa City and to the church just as Nick and Sharon are ready to make it official. This will not be without a full on shock and awe effect though so be prepared.

Phyllis will make the grand entrance shocking the entire town, who believed her to be tucked away in the hospital unaware of the events of her family. This naturally puts an abrupt halt to the wedding events as Phyllis collapses.

Victoria suffers from another pregnancy complication

Medical emergency number one, the second one will involve the Victoria Newman pregnancy when Victoria has another complication and Abby must rush her to the hospital.

Abby then feels the need to phone Billy to tell him about Victoria and the baby, but Billy is unreachable because he is busy with Chelsea, ding what they do best. Abby gets angry and decides to hunt down Billy to bring him to Victoria’s side.

This does no work out well for Billy and Chelsea who get abruptly interrupted on their date by an angry and panicked Abby.So it seems that the Genoa City hospital will be the town meeting place for worried residents this week.

Do You think Phyllis’ arrival will put end end to Nick and Sharon, pleasing Victor, and will Billy rush once again to Victoria’s side causing Chelsea heart ache, anger and wanting revenge?

Share your thoughts, and be sure to check back to HND for more spoilers and updates on The Young and the Restless daily.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.


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