The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Police put a halt to Summer and Austin’s wedding

The Young and the Restless under fire over Jill Phleps control decisions that have failed

The Young and the Restless viewers watched while yet another Genoa City wedding was stopped just in the nick of time today as Summer and Austin’s wedding came to an abrupt halt just before making it official.

Relationships at risk in Genoa City this summer

This is not the only steamy happenings in the city this week on The Young and the Restless as Neil is starting to grow very suspicious of his son Devon’s relationship with his new wife Hilary.

This romantic interest is beginning to take a creepy turn as Hilary and Devon start to get caught up in a naughty inter family affair.

This weeks spoilers also reveal that Victor is back in full swing, he has been kind of laying low since his break up with Nikki and working at reconciling with her that he has put Sharon’s secret on the back burner, but no more he is back and ready to get to the bottom of Sharon’s ordeal once and for all.

Will Y&R viewers see their favorite couples fall apart in July?

More hot, and steamy romps for Chelsea and Billy, all while Adam Newman, or at least his hands are sitting back behind the hidden spy camera keeping tabs on his wife, their son and her new lover.

Story lines that should and soon wrap up in the next few weeks, Neil and Devon and Hilary triangle, Ian Ward and Nikki Newman, Sharon’s secret,Billy/Chelsea/Adam Victoria and Stitch.

According to The young and the Restless fan sites viewers are looking to wrap up these stories and hopefully have the writers throw a new and exciting story into the mix, perhaps murder, a serial killer, or something maybe even along the paranormal activity line to give the show some added thrills in the upcoming weeks?

How would you like to see things play out in the next several weeks? Share your storyline suggestions with us in the comment section.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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