The Young and the Restless Spoilers: News alert! Adam Newman official news from Jill Phelps

The Young and the Restless under fire over Jill Phleps control decisions that have failed

The Young and the Restless fans get ready for some news on the Adam Newman casting from Y&R writer Jill Phelps.

Y&R’s Jill Phelps speaks out on Adam Newman role casting

Jill Phelps has officially spoken out for the first time on The Young and the Restless Adam Newman replacement. The thing is we are sure that it is not quite what you were hoping for at this time.

The Adam Newman role drama has sparked so much controversy since the beginning of the year and Jill Phelps canned Y&R’s beloved Michael Muhney.

There has been so much speculation and the rumors have been insane, while the one person who actually knows what is really going on Jill Phelps has remained silent, until now.

Here is what Jill Phelps has to say in the July 14th edition of Soap Opera Digest.

 How are The Young and the Restless fans going to take this news?

When Soap Digest questioned Phelps about was “how the search for Adam Newman was going,” all she had to say was, “it’s going.”

She also CONFIRMED that as of now NO ONE has been cast to fill Michael Muhney’s shoes in the role of The Young and the Restless’ Adam Newman.

Phelps also reveals that she is banking that when she eventually does reveal her new Adam Newman it will save the soaps declining ratings.

So here is what we now know for now anyway, Phelps is recasting the role of Adam Newman and from her demure during the interview it will not be Michael Muhney.

She wants to save the show, but this is really going to take some doing because according to the fans who chat on the social media a great number have just been holding on to the daytime soap in hopes of Muhney’s return, now without him Jill Phelps hope to save Y&R appear to be pretty much shot now.

One more time Adam Newman/Michael Muhney fans sound off on this matter, it may be your very last battle cry on this subject matter.

Will you or won’t you ditch The Young and the Restless for good if Phelps cast anyone but Michael Muhney in the role of Adam Newman?

We are venturing to speculate that Adam Newman’s return will be soon approaching since Phelps has officially spoken on the matter now, and also admitted that she needs to do something to save the show.

Save or sink that is the question?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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