The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney’s Adam Newman replacement

The Youing and the Restless spoilers Adam Newman returns from the dead
The Youing and the Restless spoilers Adam Newman returns from the dead
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The big Adam Newman reveal coming

The Young and the Restless fans are inching closer to the moment that many have been anticipating, and many have been dreading for the past few months, the revealing of Adam Newman.
The Young and the Restless writers have been taunting fans for the past several weeks now about Adam Newman and his return, now the news is out that. the big reveal will be happening i the next few weeks.

Fans have been at odds since Y&R’s Jill Farren Phillips decided that the Michael Muhney was off the show after he allegedly groped another cast member, Hunter King.

Muhney was last seen on Y&R after his character Adam Newman crashed his car during a firey scene where since then he has been presumed dead, even though his wife Chelsea and father Victor Newman did not quite buy the news because they never recovered the body.

Their belief in Adam Newman’s return was recently shattered after a body was located several towns over from Genoa City and identified as Adam Newman was recovered.

But as soon as the investigation was closed and the family had finally accepted that Adam was dead some interesting facts came to light. After all this is The Young and the Restless, you did not believe that this was going to end so cut and dry did you?

Fans holding on to hopes that MM will return to Y&R

Soap fans discovered weeks ago that for some reason and with the help of a mystery person Adam Newman faked his own death. The two wet as far as paying off the autopsy doctor to back up the death story though.

In fact, Adam Newman is close by, and Y&R has been teasing his return with the hooded stranger, but we have no clue who will be playing Adam Newman’s character. It has now been revealed that the actor has been chosen, hired and signed on the dotted Y&R lines and Adam Newman will be revealed within the next couple of weeks.

Many dedicated The Young and the Restless fans are still holding on to the thoughts that Phelps and Muhney have settled the issues surrounding his alleged firing and that Michael will step back into his role, odds are not good, he has most likely been replaced, but the big question is by who?

The second question is will Adam Newman fans embrace a new actor in the role, or will they hold true to their threats to boycott The Young and the Restless once and for all?

Fact is that as popular as Y&R is a major boycott could send the show’s ratings tumbling so quickly it could be hard to recover, and on a stretch it could end up in the soap opera graveyard.

What do you think will a new Adam Newman be accepted or will the replacement of Michael Muhney kill The Young and the Restless once and for all?

Sound off and let us know what you think about this upcming situation on The Young and the Restless.

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