The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ian Ward and Dylan come face to face

The Young and the Restless' Ian Ward is confrobted by Dylan after returning to Genoa City
The Young and the Restless' Ian Ward is confrobted by Dylan after returning to Genoa City
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Ian Wards return to Y&R spells trouble in Genoa City

The Young and the Restless finds an old villain back in town to stir up problems, former cult leader Ian Ward.

Get into the way back machine and remember when Nikki was living a cult nightmare at Ian Ward’s hands.

You know that where Ian Ward is concerned trouble is lurking around the corner and his return to Genoa City last month finds him playing the same old games.

This time Ward posed as a life counselor trying to convince Summer he was here to help her out with her life’s troubles.

Same game for Ian Ward playing head games on Y&R

This is creepy similar to his old The Young and the Restless days when he was a cult leader that trapped a very young, and impressionable Nikki into joining his cult group holding her against her will, and raped her repeatedly.

In fact during this traumatic time in Nikki’s life is when her son Dylan wsa concieved, it is also really close to teh time when Nikki was sleeping with Paul. (Interesting coincidence, or major plot shaker?)

Nikki got her revenge after Ian tried to extort money from Nikki and the Newman clan, but was arrested after Nikki set him up with the cops while wearing a wire during the money deal.

But… Ian Ward is back, and now Dylan must face his evil of the man who could be his father and face head on unexpectedly.

Ian will come face to face with Dylan explaining that all the charges have been dropped, as he attempts to pull Dylan into his corner with his mind games.

Ian Ward spells nothing but trouble for The Young and the Restless residents of Genoa City, especially Nikki and Dylan.

Who knows what extremes he will use to gain what he believes in his sick mind belongs to him.

More drama lurks in Genoa City when Jill catches on to Colin’s secret plans, and realizes Colin is all about using Jill and her feelings to locate the valuable music box.

But, as far as father and son reunion’s are concerned fans are really awaiting to see what is going to go down with Adam Newman when his presence is finally revealed, and just who is keeping Adam’s secret from Victor?

Things are really going to begin heating up as soap writers and fans get prepared for the big May sweeps.

Word around the soap scene indicates would be the perfect time for Adam Newman to finally be revealed on The Young and the Restless once and for all, until then enjoy the build up ride and make your sweeps predictions.

The Young and the Restless airs Monday-Friday on CBS, check your local listings for times.

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