The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Family reunion, Stitch gets a visit from mom

The Young and the Restless under fire over Jill Phleps control decisions that have failed

The Young and the Restless fans have been wondering just what role Meredith Baxter’s new character Maureen would pose on Genoa City besides causing chaos in Nikki Newman’s life and now we know.

More Y&R family drama building in Genoa City

It appear that Maureen is in town for a The Young and the Restless family reunion of sorts. She is there to see her kids, Stitch and Kelly! Not only are Nikki and Maureen about to become BFF boozing buddies, they also could share a grandchild.

What, who saw this one coming, isn’t is suppose to be Stitch and Kelly’s dad who is the bad guy, but it clearly sounds as if Mama Maureen is up to no good, and what a great way to gain some cash getting in with the Newmans in every possible way imaginable.

Nikki Newman has a new friend or enemy?

Will Maureen become a psycho in Genoa City seeking revenge against her son for killing her husband, or will The Young and the Restless writers get Maureen and Nikki tangled up in a whole addiction story line that ends in tragedy?

Will Stitch and Kelly have to figure out how to get rid of their mother to keep their lives fro falling apart in Genoa City? This storyline promises to keep The Young and the Restless fans on their toes this fall.

What do you think Maureen’s plans in Genoa City entail?

The Young and the Restless airs on CBS weekdays.

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