The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman plots his return?

The Young and the Restless under fire over Jill Phleps control decisions that have failed

Adam Newman return approaching

The Young and the Restless viewers are awaiting a sign from Y&R writers that will indicate when, and how Adam Newman will make his return to Genoa City.

The story is beginning to build… slowly.

Hints we are getting teases that on The Young and the Restless our beloved Adam Newman is growing pretty restless in hiding, and wants to return home.

So far, since the departure of Michael Muhney as Adam in early 2014, we have seen shadows, hooded dark figures, and the hands of Adam Newman a few times.

On Tuesday’s episode the Y&R ended with what appears as a very angry and frustrated Adam Newman.

Adam Newman spy cameras a bad idea?


Once again only hands.

This time breaking a pencil in anger as he watched via the secret camera Chelsea and Billy beginning to bond in his absence.

As previously reported, a replacement for Michael Muhney as Adam Newman has NOT yet been cast.

Various reports have revealed that head writer Jill Phelps is feeling some major backlash from her decisions since taking over the reigns.

The more pressure the fans and viewers apply to Phelps the more in a hurry she will be to re-cast the role of Adam Newma.

Y&R fans are more than ready to get this stale story moving along before more viewers jump The Young and the Restless ship.

More Newman family news, Victoria ad Stitch continue to grow loser, keeping her pregnancy secret a while longer.

Keeping this secret is getting harder as more people begin to figure out Victoria’s state, mostly Chelsea, who has threatened Victoria to tell Billy or she will.

The Young and the Restless fans can look forward to some major Victoria/Stitch/Billy paternity issues.

It is also believed that in the near future this could also lead up to a double love triangle mix for Billy Abbott when Adam Newman finally makes his return to Genoa City.

Who do you want to see with who, Victoria and Stitch, or Billy, Chelsea with Adam Newman, or Billy, decision decisions.

Hopefully at this time the role of Adam Newman will have been filled.

Many fans believe Phelps has been holding out on filling this role because she hopes to work out a deal with Michael Muhney, one that will save her career and bring fans back to viewing The Young and the Restless ASAP.

Share your thoughts Y&R fans.

The Young and the Restless airs Monday-Friday on CBS.

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