The Wanted singers involved in knife attack in Denver

The Wanted band members attacked by man with knife in Denver
The Wanted band members attacked by man with knife in Denver

Boyband members attacked in Denver

The Wanted singers, Siva Kaneswaran and Jay McGuiness were attacked by a homeless man carrying a knife on Wednesday after they attempted to give the down and out guy a few bucks to help him out.

The guys were reported to have been in Denver on tour this week and stopped by a local theater to take in the new Johnny Depp film Transcendence before their concert.

The guys from The Wanted were leaving the movie theater when they passed a homeless man on the street asking for money.

Reports reveal hat Siva dug into his pocket and gave the man a few dollars, but the man turned angry demanding more, they denied the man’s request and the man became angry and violent pulling a knife on The Wanted members.

Nice guys get atatcked in Denver

The guys revealed they fought off the man’s attack and hurried away from the scene, it however does appear that no was injured, and the police were not called in.

The “Glad You Came” hitmakers announced back on January 22, 2014, that they would be taking a hiatus after their current tour and pursuing solo endeavors for a while, but that they would work again together in the future.

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