‘The Walking Dead’: The Most Shocking Deaths of the Series

The Walking Dead's biggest deaths.

The Walking Dead” is one of TV’s biggest dramas and with beloved characters biting the dust and facing danger at all times it’s easy to see why.

Although the show has only been on for 4 and a half seasons, we’re taking a look at the most shocking deaths on the show throughout its 5 seasons on air.

‘The Walking Dead’: 10 Most Shocking Deaths

  1. Rick Kills Shane – We all knew it had to happen, and even though Shane had become a cold, heartless shell of a man we were still hoping he and his former best friend Rick Grimes would work things out. Unfortunately it didn’t work that way. Shane wanted to be the group’s leader and he wanted Rick’s wife Lori, who may or may not have been pregnant with his baby. So, Rick sadly killed his “brother” Shane in season 2.
  2. Lori Dies In Childbirth – Although “Walking Dead” fans had mixed feelings about Lori Grimes the scene where she gives birth to baby Judith was one of the biggest tear jerkers of all time. There is no other way to save the baby but to cut Lori open, killing her. She says a sad and emotional goodbye to her son Carl, and then the life fades from her eyes. Sadly, Carl is the one who has to shoot her so that she doesn’t come back a walker.
  3. Hershel’s Beheading – Just as Hershel’s wisdom and dreams of peace in the crazy zombie filled world have seemingly rubbed off on Rick, The Governor goes crazy and cuts Hershel’s head off with Michone’s sword as his daughters, Maggie and Beth, look on.
  4. Daryl Kills Merle – After Merle has a change of heart and does the first decent thing of the series, The Governor shoots him, letting him become a walker. Later, Daryl goes looking for his brother and finds him a zombie. A tearful Daryl then has to put down his only living family member.
  5. Sophia’s A Walker – After days of searching for Carol’s daughter Sophia who was chased off by walkers the gang finds her a zombie and are shocked as she emerges from a pit of walkers kept in Hershel’s barn. Rick has to put her down as mother Carol and best friend Carl look on.
  6. Lizzie Kills Mika – Carol “adopted” two daughters Lizzie and Mika when their father died and after the attack on the prison learned that Lizzie thought the walkers were still people. To get her point across Lizzie killed her little sister Mika in hopes of showing Carol that she was still the same person when she came back as a walker.
  7. Carol Kills Lizzie – Just after realizing that Lizzie could never make it in the new world, and that baby Judith wasn’t safe around her, Carol decided to kill Lizzie as it was the only way she knew how to deal with the problem.
  8. Dale Gets Ripped Apart – Dale was only trying to keep the peace when he was attacked by a walker at Hershel’s farm. The walker ripped Dale open and Daryl was forced to put him down.
  9. Andrea Kills Herself – After trying to work things out between Rick’s group and The Governor’s gang Andrea finds out what kind of man The Gov. really is when he locks her away with a zombie. She’s bitten, and later kills herself with best friend Michone by her side.
  10. Beth’s Brutal Death – Beth Green was so close to being rescued by Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the group when made  bold move to stab sadistic leader of Grady Hospital, Dawn, who immediately fired a bullet into her head, prompting Daryl to kill Dawn in return, and carry Beth, who meant so much to him, out of the hospital in his arms to mourning sister Maggie in the season 5 mid-season finale.
  11. Tyrese Gets Bitten — Tyrese has one of the saddest death scenes in Walking Dead history. Surrounded by his friends he sees scenes from others who have crossed over as he passes.
  12. Negan Kills Glenn and Abraham — Glenn and Abraham’s death were probably the biggest deaths of the entire series. Not only does it introduce the character of Negan, but we’re also saying goodbye to a beloved original cast member and the king of all one-liners.
  13. Sasha kills herself — Sasha kills herself in order to come back as a walker and possibly kill Negan. Sadly, her plan doesn’t work and the gang is forced to say goodbye to her.

It’s been a wild ride for “The Walking Dead” fans, and it’s not over yet. The show’s characters are in constant danger, and no one is safe from being killed off the show, no matter how much they’re loved by fans.

What do you think is the most shocking “Walking Dead” death yet?

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