The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers: Will Rick get a new love interest?

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The Walking Dead season 5 has just started filming, but fans are already eager to find out what will happen in the new season. One theory is that Rick Grimes could get a new love interest, but who? (Comic spoilers below.)

The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers: Will Rick get a new love interest?

Fans of the comic book series know that after Lori’s death, Rick did eventually move on and find himself a girlfriend in Andrea.

That’s right, Andrea, who was killed in the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead TV show is still alive and well in the comics and is actually Rick’s girlfriend.

However, Rick can not date Andrea on the show because she’s dead. So, who could replace her as Rick’s love interest if, and when, the show decides to tell that story?

Will Rick and Michonne get together?

Many believe Michonne could step in and become romantic with Rick. She’s become a very big part of his life, is a very strong willed, tough, and loving person, and has a very special bond with his son, Carl.

So, will Rick and Michonne get together in The Walking Dead season 5, or any other season for that matter? We can’t wait to find out!

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